I haven't painted anything this week (so far). I have thought about painting. Maybe that will count. July is sorta crazy around here- lots of people boarding their pets while they are on vacation. July 4th weekend is usually packed. We are like the Inn in Bethlehem- "we have no room"!

This is Tank- he boarded this past weekend. He's a 95 lb. American Bulldog. He's about 3 or 4, I think. His owners breed Bulldogs. They have lots of children too- 8 or 9 under the age of 9 or so (I've lost count!) Why is this important? In November 2003, Tank started getting sick-vomiting and diarrhea. This went on for a few days, we saw him, gave him fluids. He felt better but still wasn't quite right. We radiographed his abdomen. We were suspicious of an intestinal foreign body, but couldn't see it on his radiographs. So off to surgery we go. Guess what we found?

Tank had eaten one of the kid's audio cassette tapes. The plastic had broken in pieces and the tape had unraveled. Part of it was in his stomach and the rest was trailing down the first part of the intestine. Strings, dental floss,neting off a turkey, socks, panty hose- anything stringey,long and linear is the worst thing to eat. Thread can actually cut the intestine- then you have a real mess.
We saved him and so far (thankfully, knock on wood) he doesn't seem to have quite the appreciation for music that he ONCE did!


Cobwebs on my blog

Been awhile since I have been around these parts! LOL- I actually forgot that I had started a post and blog- now there are cobwebs and dust all over it. I will try to clean it off and finish.

Btw, here's a photo of Judy- she's a beagle who is in need of a family. She was brought in to be euthanized some time ago when she had the mange. I got it to clear with a bit of TLC and time. She has become quite accustomed to being an office/vet hospital dog- really fond of the airconditioning.


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