Happy New Year's Eve.

This strip first appeared in newspaper Dec 31, 1977. 

Be safe everyone if you are out and about, traveling, and on the road. 


Leonard Binks at Snooty Giggles Rescue in TN

the small dog is Leonard. He had heart surgery at UGA vet med teaching hospital a few weeks ago.


Merry Christmas.

Hope you had a nice Christmas day.

Looks like Tardar is down for the count. . . .

She is scheduled to make an appearance at the Atlanta Gift Show in January.  It's one thing to see her photos and videos everywhere, I just hope that she likes traveling and meeting new people.  Most cats would rather just be cats than celebrities. 


Christmas is almost here. . .

(click on the image and it will enlarge)


This wins the internet for the day, for me.

It is just amazing what dogs can be trained to do.  You have to click over and read the story for yourself.  Be sure to flip through the photos too.

Link to the Article here. 


Anybody use the Flipboard App?

on their phone or tablet?

Flipboard  debuted not long after the ipad and it was a very nifty way to read blog posts, news sites, and twitter feeds.  Like an Ostrich that seems shiny things, I soon forgot about it.  

Until a few days ago.  Now one can curate information, photos, and links into a Flipboard magazine that one can subscribe too.  Nice for those not on Facebook, or if Facebook keeps hiding the posts from pages that you really want to hear from.  

Below is what I shared on my Facebook pages-
Facebook announced last week that page posts aren't showing up in people's news feeds unless they are paid ads.  Now, that isn't a big deal if one is sharing a joke or a vacation photo, but if one is sharing pets that need a home then it doesn't do the pet much good if people can't see the post.  Like the falling tree in the forest- does it make a sound if no one is there to see or hear it? 

So while I'll continue to share posts here on Facebook, I will also be sharing them on Flipboard.  That way with a quick flick of your thumb, you can see all that is new.  Not just what Facebook chooses to show you. 

If you use Flipboard, there should be a subscribe button near the top.  And if not, download the app in the App Store, or Google Play. 


Here's a Dose of Cute for the Day- Dawn the Fox

YYPeople but never intentionally try to make a pet out of a wild animal, but it is hard to not consider it when they are this cute and lovable.  Yes?


Tuesday Evening Special at Zazzle.

Watches are 15% off today at Zazzle, but those puppy breath ones (the ewatchfactory ones), are 65% off this evening.    Use Code CyberTuesday

You can change the colors of the bands and styles of watches.*/watches?st=date_created

I needed a new watch so I bought one with a stainless steel band for 30 something dollars. Regularly they are $95.

Other items are 50-60% off too- I think there is a link at the top of the zazzle page that shows what categories are on sale for Tuesday.


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