I just know Currier and Ives were envisioning Granite Hills Animal Care

 on Christmas Day. All those years ago.   Just like a picture postcard. 

Love this Holly Tree. It is covered with berries 70-80% of the year.

Here are some photos and video of Christmas Snow 2010 in Elberton.  It started snowing about 8:30 Christmas night and into Sunday.  It was mostly grey all day, but the sun finally did peek out about 5:30 in the afternoon. 

Sunlit Tree Tops


Merry Christmas to All

Well, it looks like we are winding down towards the Holiday.  Some boarders came in yesterday, a few more arrive on Friday.  I have  few more things to buy.  A few more things to make.  A cluttered house to clean by Saturday night.  Ugghh.   My Mother announces this past weekend that she and Dad are staying at my house on Saturday night.  I'm sure she does it just to aggravate me.  So I have to suck up the Taj Mahal of spider webs out of the spare room with the vacuum cleaner.  If I don't make it out alive, tell the coroner and Channel 11 film crew to look for my body in that room.

I poured up homemade vanilla extract last night for little gifts.  It has to sit for 6-8 weeks to cure, so people can use it by March. Maybe.

 It's vodka and/or Bourbon with vanilla beans in it, poured up in little Jelly Jars. 

Then Ms. Ellie came in for a bath today.  Y'all have seen her several times since she was a puppy.  Don't tell anyone, but some say she's the prettiest and sweetest dog around.  That's what they say.

Her hair has grown out from when it got cut off by the groomer back in the summer.  That was a tough day all around.  Ellie was overjoyed. And cooler.  The rest of us cried like little school girls.

(Okay, I cried like a little school girl.  No fibbing right here at Christmas. )

 You know how you do when you pick up a sweater or scarf made out of cashmere?  You say the word "cashmere"  in sort of a sigh, as if it something rare, treasured, and precious, and immediately want to rub it on your cheek.

Ellie's the same way.  She's all fluffy and fuzzy, and smells like shampoo.  She's like the ultimate pillow pet and you just want to nap on her.
I'm sure this happens to her all the time. 

(You should visit more often, Ms. Ellie. Preferably about 2 in the afternoon, okay?)

And then the surveillance video captured this mischievousness by Little Miss Sunshine.

There is a folding chair in the exam room.  It usually has a slip cover on it.  Leon, the old hospital cat, claims it as his own.  If a client sits their purse in it, Leon wanders in, sits and stares at it until someone moves the purse.  So he can get up in the chair for a better view, a petting, a treat, or all the above.  If a client sits in the chair, the same thing happens.

So the slip cover was getting fairly grungy with cat hair and all, so we changed it to a clean one.  And 5 minutes doesn't by before crabby Miss Sunshine is in there christening the clean slip cover. . . . take a look.

Lastly, I doubt I'll be posting again before the holiday, (that spider web is huge)  so I just want to take the time to wish you a Merry Christmas and  Happy Holidays.  If you are traveling, be careful.  Be safe. Stay warm. Stay dry.  Spend time with family and friends and make memories if there are little ones around.    2010 has been a tough year for some people and their families, so here's wishing 2011 will be better, whatever the case may be.  

Thanks as usual for reading my gibberish and spending time here. 

Merry Christmas everyone,  
From Me , Daisy, Leon, Maybelline, Sunshine, and Priscilla 


Ginger - Pomeranian Puppy- 12/15/10

This is Ginger. You saw her first back in mid October.   She was in today for her last puppy vaccinations.   Not quite 5 lbs. yet.


If you want to see her earlier photos, click here. 


Slade- Australian Blue Heeler Puppy

I had the perfect photo of this guy and somehow my camera ate it.  Gave me an error message and left me with only this one photo.  Boooooooooo . . .

He's 9 weeks old and was in for his first puppy vaccination today.  He got his collar yesterday and has been scratching or trying to back out of it.  Today he met a leash for the first time.  Can you tell?  He doesn't seem too thrilled about it. 


If Daisy Were Singing Beyonce If I Were a Boy

You might remember Daisy.

She's the Corgi looking dog that was abandoned here at the hospital about 4 years ago.  You can find her first photos on this blog, way way way back in 2006. 

This other little dog was rescued from the pound 2 weeks ago.  His name is Dee. And the resemblance is uncanny.  So I had to get it on tape and put together a video.

If you are on a really slow connection, and can't watch the video, here are some photos of Daisy and Dee. (But watch the video if you can)


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