Euthanasia solution and My Job Sucks

It's one of those days, one of those weeks. . . . "my job totally sucks" things.

I am stuck with the dilema again for trying to find a home for a patient or euthanizing them. As sad as it is to euthanize older patients who are suffering with physical disabilities, old age related problems, medical issues, terminal illnesses, it is even sadder to euthanize a patient who isn't sick, but just inconvenient.

TarBaby was a stray 10 years ago- 1998. She was adopted by an elderly client who is now in her mid 90's. And she, the client, was doing well until just a few weeks ago. Now TarBaby's owner, can't live on her own anymore, and will have to either go a nursing home or an assisted care facility. She boarded Tar Baby about 3 weeks ago while she moved to a new rental house that was closer to relatives. But even that isn't working out.

So, the client called on Saturday morning,(we are normally closed on the weekend, and it's a holiday weekend too) a little frantic, and first, she wanted her boarded, then wanted me to take her, and then wanted her euthanized. So I took her not knowing exactly what to do with her. And I still have her.

It's an ethical question too- do I always do what the client requests? Or does sometimes the patient's needs comes before the client?

How many hospital cats are too many? Leon has been here for 14 years, Maybelline for 10, and I am still trying to find a home for Sunshine too. I wish there was some type of foster program around here, that takes older pets in these situations. This vet can't take all of them in.

Sometimes having access to euthanasia solution can be a blessing. Other times, it is a curse.


Surtex stuff and No Sleep

Well, Surtex starts tomorrow, and runs through Tuesday.
I actually forgot today was Saturday when speaking with my Mother by phone earlier, to let her know the plane didn't fall out of the sky. I asked, "did you leave work early?", thinking it was Friday. HaHa. That's what happens when you get up at 3:15 AM to leave for the airport.

Maybe, I'll be more coherent tomorrow once I catch up on my sleep. :)

Here's a plate design that is loosely based and cropped out of a Magnolia painting.


Decor8 blog and Domino Magazine

Holly Becker, the owner of Decor8, the design blog featuring interiors, design, decorating, and various other topics, writes articles for several magazines. Today, she featured Male Artists of Etsy in a slide show over at, the online companion to Domino magazine. My cat print, Can We Play Now, Please? made the list.

Here the link to get to Decor8.
You can see the image on the front page of the blog.

Here's the link to the article at Domino.


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