I caught Boo, y'all.

Jimmy the Animal Control officer brought a live trap today. And we put it out beside the office where I had been feeding Boo.  Notice those teal wheels. Pretty fancy, isn't it?

Well,  Boo must be a fan of teal and turquoise.  Because look who was in it about 20 minutes later.

Now, here's the problem.  What to do with her?  She can't keep on living outside, wild, and soon be having puppies all over the place. 

Do I send her to the pound?   Do I keep her and try to tame her up,  spay her, and try to find her a home?  I already have 3 foster dogs, and then there is Lena who I rescued in January.   I haven't showed you Lena, have I?   Well, she was another sad case who is doing much better now.  The foster dogs are putting me in the poor house according to my Mother.  (She is not a pet fan, even with 2 sons who are veterinarians) .

So after discussing it with the animal control officer, he could take her, but she would not have anyone to spend time with her to tame her up, as he is out on a call all the time.  Which means she'd never get adopted.

If she was the least bit aggressive, he would have to put her to sleep, because of the liability issue if someone gets bit.  Thankfully, she is more scared than anything- having the catch pole on her neck did freak her out a bit. 

So, she is now inside the building in the cat room. Staying here to see if I can tame her up.   I can sort of pet her on the back, but she is very scared so I am giving her some space.  If you remember Jimmy, it took him almost 2 months to be able to walk outside on a leash. I'm thinking Boo will tame up a little faster.  She has her adult teeth in, so I'm guessing she is between 6 months and a year old.

I sat my iPad in front of her cage this afternoon, and livestreamed her for about an hour.  Mostly just her sitting there.  You can watch the recorded video by clicking here.

If anyone happens to find any spare change in the couch cushions, and would like to donate it to the BOO fund, she would appreciate it greatly.  And if anyone wants to consider adopting her, let me know as well. 


Meet Boo Radley, y'all.

Two or three weeks ago, Taylor mentioned that a brown dog was lying on a junk sofa that someone dragged out to the road in front of the mini storage warehouses next door.   I didn't see the dog later so figured he belonged to someone in the neighborhood. 

A day or so later,  I spotted him up at a old mobile home trailer two lots up the road.  Last week, I saw him a few more times and realized that he probably isn't anyone's dog, and is living in the woods around this trailer. 

He's very skiddish and takes off if you get closer than 30-50 yards from him.  So spooked by everything that I nicknamed him Boo Radley.   So at the end of last week, I started feeding him hoping that I might be able to catch him before he gets ran over, or in a fight, or has puppies, etc.

At first we could not tell if he was a he or a she, but we think now that it is a SHE.  So it is Miss Boo Radley now.  The photos below were shot with a telephoto lens, so that gives you an idea how far I was away, clear across my parking lot.

She looks rather young.  I spoke to the dog catcher, and he is probably gonna have to set out a trap to try and catch her.  I've been feeding her once or twice a day for the past few days, and she doesn't seem any more trusting than to start with.

To see the whole set of photos on Flickr- Click Here.

On Sunday morning, I set up my camcorder on a tripod outside, and she found the food about 30 minutes later.   You can see how flighty she is. 

If the dog catcher can catch her, I am not sure what her fate is going to be.  I doubt he'll want to spend time trying to tame her up, but I know that she can't be living in the woods and having puppies all over the place.  So I'll worry about that later, and just concentrate on feeding her and trying to catch her for the time being. 

Anyone want a cute brown dog? medium-ish hair coat length?  doesn't even bark, etc. . . . .


The Story of Miss Coco-

Photographer Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography, up in New England, posted a story about meeting an old dog in Petsmart, back on Halloween.    I shared the story in the November issue of Shelter Pet Magazine.   (edit- it looks like I shared here too back mid-November now that I glance back at old post)

The story went viral a few days after it was posted.  If you missed it online, or in the magazine, you'll know why it went viral once you read it.  It speaks to the pet lover's soul.

You'll need a tissue. Or two.  Kaylee posted it on her blog today, with a tiny, but powerful, update at the bottom.   It's a must read.


"But, 800 Pet Meds is so much cheaper . . . "

That's what she said.  And there was no convincing her otherwise.

Everyday we hear the same comment. Over and over. 
So I double checked and the facts might surprise you.   On some products, they are cheaper. A few are as cheap as what I can order them for wholesale. But it isn't always the case. And it certainly wasn't the case with the product that she wanted.

Veterinarians always have manufacturer coupons for free goods.   The coupons vary, but right now, they are get 2-3 free doses of product.  

Advantage Multi- by the time we order it, pay tax on it, mark it up-  It is in the 118-120 dollar range for the 6 pack.  Bayer coupon gives you 2 free doses- each with a $20 value.  So that nets the $120 down to $80. 

Look at what it costs for the 6 pack at 800 Pet Meds.  $92.99.  and you don't get the free doses.  She just paid $13 more to order from 800 pet meds. 

Screen shot of 800 Pet Meds

I do have clients that faithfully buy their pet medications here.  And I appreciate their loyalty.  As one put it, "I don't care if I can save a few bucks ordering medications online.  I know that if I have a medical problem or emergency with my cat, you'll help. Peace of mind is worth more than a few dollars. "

It is so true.  As 2013 begins, the economy isn't going so well.  It might be better in other areas, but small veterinary hospitals are finding it more difficult to keep the door open with the pressure from the internet pharmacies,  spay and neuter clinics,  feed stores,  and even mobile groomers.  

Sometimes, people shop online because it is more convenient. Push a button on your phone and the item shows up on your doorstep in a few days.  Veterinary hospitals now have that covered.  Thanks to the distributors, there are many items that we would not be wise to stock on a shelf- as it moves too slow, or we have to order so many at one time.  Now, they( the distributor)  will ship it to you, and the hospital gets the credit for the order.

The program that we use is called My Vet from Butler- Schein.   You can find the one for Granite Hills Animal Care here.
By the Way, Vectra Rebate coupons are out and are the best EVER- buy a 6 pack, and get 3 FREE Doses.  You can order it through MyVetDirect and I'll email you the rebate code for the 3 free doses.  Vectra is available for Cats, and for Dogs, but Vectra 3D is for dogs only (it's toxic to cats).
If you happen to use Advantage Multi for Cats, from the example above, you want to buy it here at the office to get the free doses.  And if you aren't local, ask your vet about the rebate coupons.

So, the next time, you find yourself tempted by the hype of a tv commercial,  do yourself, and your vet, a favor,  by checking on the facts.

As Bartles and Jaymes  used to say, in their wine cooler commercials, "Thanks for Your Support."


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