Merry Christmas Everyone

I am on dog and cat patrol this weekend, but I hope everyone traveling has made it safely to where they were going, whether it be with family, friends, or just home. And if you are traveling tomorrow be careful and stay safe.

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Cricut Machines- How Come Ya'll Never Told

Me about these? Ya'll all have one, don't you? And were keeping the secret to yourself, lol.

If you are clueless, as I was, their website is here.

I am not big into the scrapbooking, so I am a bit behind the times. However, I need to repaint the office sign. The last time, 3 or 4 years ago, I painted it by hand, transferred the letters, used two colors. It took forever. I didn't mind doing it so much, and I saved some money rather than getting a sign shop to do it.

Well, I was looking for a way to cut a stencil or cut vinyl letters for the sign. And for about the price of a sign, I could buy the machine. The cricut expressions cuts 12 inches tall and up to 24 inches wide. So that is perfect.

I can also use it for other things- it will cut shapes laid out with Illustrator for art licensing. Manufacturers can't always imagine 2-D artwork on a 3-D product. So I think it will be helpful.

So I have been playing with it for a few days, along with sure cuts a lot software that runs on my computer. The software keeps me from having to buy all the little cartridges.

Look at the name tags I made for the nieces and nephews' Christmas presents. Wrapped up with brown paper and string. The letters are sort of welded together, both the top layer and the shadow layer underneath. And then glued together.

Pretty neat, huh?


Meet Miley

This is a little stray Beagle that stayed here at the hospital last night. We nicknamed her Miley. She's got what is commonly referred to as "cherry eye". It's a prolapse of the third eyelid. Fairly common in beagles, cocker spaniels. Easy to correct with a laser- just zap off the extra tissue.

Poor Thing. She's very scared and shy.

Another beagle, her brother maybe? , got ran over on the highway.
So she laid beside him, next to the highway, for 2 days. She finally let someone catch her yesterday. And they brought her here until they could figure out what to do with her. Which was a good thing as it was raining cats and dogs last night, the temperature dropped close to freezing, and the wind was blowing like crazy. My neighbor's tree fell on my roof, and damaged part of it, but that is a different post for a another day. *Sigh*

That's about the 3rd one that has fallen and the first one that has really damaged anything.

Someone who has Beagles, as hunting dogs, is supposed to be picking her up this afternoon.


Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! May the merry bells keep ringing. . . .

Hello everyone.

It's cold and rainy here today. A good "build a fire and drink hot chocolate" day. Or bourbon. Totally your choice.

Got up your Christmas decorations? I put up a wreath in the waiting room and that is about as far as I have gotten. The waiting room is sort of small, so it's hard to fit in a tree. Cats get in it, kids get in it, dogs try to water- you know how it goes. So I try to put up a nice wreath so that it at least smells like Christmas.

My cousin in California has made some glass tile pendants and magnets with my artwork . They are brand new today and are listed in her Etsy shop. My proceeds are donated to the Art Helping Animals charities. So if you still shopping for small gift items, click on the photo below or this link-


Happy Thanksgiving and a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

Hello Everyone-
I am sure ya'll are all stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie by now.

I have been camping out here at the office with the boarders. Someone gave me a cold for the holidays, so I am downing Zicam, alavert, drixoral, Hall's cough drops and ibuprofen like it's going out of style.
Not all at once, I am spacing it out appropriately. :) But I did treat myself to some pumpkin pie.

I am headed to my parents house in South Georgia tomorrow night for a late Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. This also might be the first time I can pay back the nieces and nephews (affectionately know as "plaque on legs") as I am always catching their bugs after every family function. Every time.

So, I wanted to say hi and let you know about a BLACK FRIDAY special going on at Printfection.
They have their products at 25% off through the weekend with the coupon code SAVE25.

(I think Zazzle is doing one as well, know that I think about it- just for tomorrow).

Printfection is where I've had cutting boards printed. I was lamenting awhile back about doing a custom order of the Calla Lilies. First, I was told those are funeral flowers, so I asked about it- with various opinions.

Well, I never did get around to doing a custom order with another company as I would have to order 144 of them. That many would get the retail price down to $20-25 for a large size cutting board.( One person said they would probably buy one, so I would only be stuck with 143. . . . .ha, ha)

I have ordered this cutting board twice, and they turn out great. It's large 11 x 15 inches.
Can use it a cutting board, cheese board, hot trivet or serving tray. The image is sublimated to the back so a hot pot isn't going to hurt it. Dishwasher safe with little bumper feet on the back to protect your table or counter top.

It's also very cool to display in on your counter, in a dark corner, by using a clear display easel and a small light behind it.

Here's Unlit.

Here it is lit from behind.

So I have uploaded a few more images as cutting boards, cats, dog, florals, even some old still lifes that rarely see the light of day. I think they are 12 designs in all. I am also waiving my commission on any ordered through Sunday night. That's a $5 savings right there, with 25% off coupon nets them down to $22.50.

So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone, or just for yourself- don't daddle past Sunday night. Get over to


My Skanky Daughter stayed out all Night

And who know what tom foolery went on out there- Smoking, Drinking, Driving without a seatbelt. She was caught at lunch today and is grounded for 2 weeks. Obviously it was a large time as she has been napping all afternoon. She barely can hold her eyes open. See?

Some time between the approximate hours of 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm, Miss Sunshine slinked out a door. Probably when I let Daisy out to use the facilities. So when I went to put all the prisoners back in their cell, one was missing. Like escape from Alcatraz. Not found anywhere in the office. I called around outside, but no child in sight.

Walked and called this morning, and still no child.

She was busted about lunchtime, hiding up under an old sign leaning against the building. She didn't rush out like she had been saved or anything. So I not sure if she regrets her adventure.

Rebellious Children. What's a parent to do?



Meet Hooch.
He sort of resembles a blurry space alien in this photo.

He's a 6 week old Boxer puppy, weighs about 5 lbs., who came in for his puppy vaccinations today. He's a little wormey so he should start look a little better after a few days.

In other news, I am uploading new gift item designs to various sites over the next few days, and to my own shopping cart site. I started it last year, ?!?, but never got around to finishing it. It will allow me to send out coupon codes, gift certificates- the whole 9 yards. :)
So stay tuned for that.

I will be exhibiting at downtown Atlanta at ICE- Atlanta Holiday Market. November 21st. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.

Stay away from apples with razor blades in them if you happen to be out trick or treating. . . .


M. Graham Watercolor Paint

I know a few artists are on my blog list, so I have to give a little shout out to this company- M. Graham.

Several weeks ago, I received a few tubes of their watercolor paint. From their cat Annie. Apparently, she's in charge of the studio. You've got to love that. Here's their website.
I consider a painting not to be complete without a little dog or cat hair mixed into the paint or varnish.

I've heard oil painters rave about M. Graham paints. Originally, years ago, I put my watercolor palette together with several brands- Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, and Holbein. Then I heard other watercolor artists mention M. Graham on some artists boards- most were in love with Napthol Red. So one day, I happen to come across M. Graham paint in an art store while traveling, and picked up a few tubes- Naphtol Red, Azo Yellow, and one other one, I think.

All paints start with a dry pigment that is ground and blended into a carrier medium. M. Graham happens to use honey in their watercolor formulation, making for smooth washes and moist paints.

If you don't happen to live near a store, you can also find their paints online. So, the next time, you happen to be looking for paint, give M. Graham a try. Quality approved by Annie. :)

If you like reading reviews on various watercolor brands, check out the site.


Chloe- Lab- Pit Bull Terrier Mix

This little girl came in for her follow up vaccinations today. She was recued from the pound about a week ago. I don't think anyone knows for sure what breed she is, but are guessing lab and pit bull mix. She's a sweetie.

Of course, she wouldn't be still for a photo. So here's a little video.


Sasha and Art-O-Mat

This little girl came in for her vaccinations. 12-13 weeks old Pit Bull puppy.
She's a sweetie. And a cutie.

Below are some of the cards on their way to an Art-O-Mat machine, hopefully near you.
Familiar with these? They are old cigarette vending machines that are refurbished to dispense little works of art. Art-O-Mat Website.

I inquired about the machines a few weeks ago, and they were interested in animal artwork. So the next trick is to come up with something that fits in a 2 x 3 inch box. So I worked up an assortment of tiny mounted, varnished prints and a display easel. A few gift items are going along as well.

I am sending a couple of different images to see what is popular and then edit out the items in the future.


Bo Needs a Home- Pointer? Spaniel? Mix

This guy wandered up to a clients home last week. She sent me his photos to put on PetFinder so I thought I would share them with you.

She calls him Bo.

I thought about giving him a cool philosopher type name- like Socrates. Or Plato. But spell it PlayDough.

He's about 6 months-1 year old. Medium size, looks like a bird dog mix. Very friendly, plays with their other dogs. He weighs about 40 lbs. and is 22 inches at the shoulder. We don't think he will get much larger, if any.

If you know anyone who might be interested in adopting him, give me a holler.

PS. Scraggs found a new home last week. Priscilla and I sort of missed him for a few days.
He came back in yesterday to get neutered. He has a new name as well- Bach.


New Scratching Pad

I bought a new scratching pad yesterday for the Cat Room since Priscilla is confined in there most of the time because of her incontinence issues. Maybelline, Sunshine, and Leon have one in another area of the hospital that they use fairly often.

Well. Crabby Lil Miss Sunshine decided to try and claim this one as her own. Finally I had to lock her out of the room while Priscilla had a turn.

I shot this with my little digital camera and I am not sure why some segments came out so dark and others were fine. I tried to edit the segments in imovie, but that didn't improve them much. I apologize about the darkness, but I think you can see what is going on.


Callie and Allie- from the Chicken Coop

were in for their last vaccinations yesterday.
If you want to see their earlier photos and blog posts, click here.

They wouldn't be still for a photo, so I shot a quick video before the camera batteries died.

When they came in the last time, Callie, the dark calico was turning grey all over, it was the strangest looking thing. This time, her black fur is back on her body, but her tail is still grey. As if it belongs to someone else, haha.

Here's a quick photo of coasters and a bottle stopper top made from the beagle painting.
They turned out quite nice, I think.


A Beagle in Yupo

I was asked last week if I had any bottle stoppers with beagles on them. No, no beagles.
So we emailed back and forth a bit, and they sent a pic to try. It's a good photo, but not the best pet portrait photo as the angle is looking down from above the dog's head. But, nevertheless, it was an interesting photo. And the only beagle photo that she had handy.

Here's the finished painting. 5x7 inches, varnished watercolor on Yupo. I'll list it for sale for one of the dog charities, probably Old Dog Haven.

20% of proceeds goes to Old Dog Haven


A Girl"s Best Friend . . .


10 week old pit bull puppy in for her vaccinations today.

Have a safe weekend, everyone.


Viridian, Is that you? It's me, Kolinsky Sable.

That probably makes no sense to the non-painter. As they are wondering who would name their child Viridian. Or Kolinsky. (Let's hope that no painter considers naming a child pthalo or ochre either.)

Like Margaret talking to God in the Judy Blume book, it has been so long that my paint brushes have seen paint, that they don't even recognize each other. By the way, Kolinsky Sable is the hair that expensive watercolor brushes are made of. I don't have many of those. Viridian is a green color. Just in case, the question comes up in Trivial Pursuit at your next party.

While my painting table was cleaned off this weekend, I decided to paint a little. The photo has been sitting in a folder for 2 years. ??? maybe a bit longer. I painted this guy's "sister" (remember Lily playing in the newspaper) about then, but never gotta 'roundtoit for his painting. Until yesterday.

The reference photo is of P snoozing on a window seat, all backlit and in shadow.

It's a good photo, but not my favorite lighting for a painting. He also sometimes sleep with one eye half opened, an old war injury. So I had to figure out what to do about that. It would look odd in a painting I think, so I closed it.

Penske, 5x7 inches, varnished watercolor on Yupo SOLD

I keep seeing things that I would change or add, but for the most part I am happy with it. Let's see what his Mom says.


The Japanese Judge awards a score of 9.75

for this balancing act. And extra 1/10 of a point was added for the degree of difficulty, and the double sukihari with a twist landing.

Occassionally, I find Sunshine running across the top of the dog cages in the kennel. Mainly to aggravate Daisy. The cages are 6 ft tall. With an open top. The cage bottoms are about 16 inches off the floor to make it easier to clean the kennel.

Just a few minutes ago, I go back there to find Jenny doing a Karl Wallenda.

Did I mention that Jenny weighs 75 lbs. ? No?
Did I mention that Jenny got spayed at lunch today? No?
Did I mention that Jenny is supposed to be resting and relaxing after surgery? No?
Did I mention that Jenny weighs 75 lbs.?

Somebody is spending the rest of the evening in a dryer cage. Closed on all sides.

ps. While you are up there, darling, would you mind cleaning that ceiling fan? Thanks in advance.


Sad. Homeless. Incarcerated.

Dear Peoplez in Blogland,
Pleez send cigarettez , and a parole officer.

Scaggs on Cell Block 3B


Polo Said

to tell ya'll Hi.

Polo was in for his puppy vaccinations today.

6 weeks old pit bull puppy, full of puppy breath.


It's those girls from the Chicken Coop

Callie and Allie.

Remember them from a few weeks ago? Their first photo a few weeks ago.
I didn't realize how much they have grown, until I look back at their first photo.
They were in today for their second kitten vaccination.


Scraggs vs. 'Scilla

These two are in the cat room at the moment- Cat Room Cage Match 2009.

poor 'scilla can't get her legs to work quite right to scamper up under the cages as fast as Scraggs. She just waits for him to come back out. . .


Newt, Scraggs, and some Talented Sheep

Here's Newt. Sorry this is a tad blurry. 6 week old Lab in for his puppy vaccination.

Then we have more Scraggley photos from yesterday.

Chillin' with the neighbors.

Just realized that someone lives in the apartment below.

"How YOU Doin'?", said in his best Joey from Friends voice.

Priscilla checks out that "suspicious foot" hanging from the penthouse above, just seconds before it comes flying by. Fast towards the floor.

and lastly, the best video I think I have seen in awhile. It's worth sharing so I am passing it along. I hadn't seen it before, maybe you haven't either.

I might soon have enough cats to attempt this myself . . . . *sigh*. The dogcatcher stopped by yesterday and he has 5-6 kittens looking for homes, for several weeks, so it looks like I stuck with Scraggs for awhile. *sigh again*

Enjoy the Sheep.



after bath.

I'd bet my Sister-In-Law wished my nephews cleaned up this well. . . .


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