Limited Edition Holiday Ornaments

I posted about these a few weeks ago, and was working on the designs from my original yupo paintings this afternoon. Rectangular paintings don't always work when cropped to a circle. So I had to clone parts of the background to get a round shape.

I settled on these two, and was planning on putting them on the porcelain today, but 1 cartridge is low, so that will have to wait until next week. If the colors don't reproduce well, then I might have to change again. Still want to do a floral one too.

They will only be available as an ornament until Dec 31st. Snooze and you lose. Check back after Thanksgiving.


"Vintage" Mathis paintings added to store

Years ago, I used to go to several outdoor art festivals with paintings in tow. Many of these are the paintings that are hanging around my office and house. It is interesting to look backwards and see what I painted 15 years ago. I also look at the painting, and remember what was happening in the news at the time. The purple morning glory painting was painted the week of Princess Diana's death, as an example, and I can't help but think of her, when I see it.

These earlier paintings are still available and at their original prices, making them much more affordable than similar sized new paintings today.

Click here to go to my Online Store- look for more holiday gift items to be uploaded in the next 2 weeks, along with the limited edition ornaments.


Crunchkins and Purr-fect Greetings

Have Grandkids? the furry, four-legged kind? What to send wishing them holiday greetings?

Crunchkins Cards or Purrfect Greetings, of course.

Crunchkins are flat pieces of rawhide that are printed with a non-toxic ink. They come with instructions, and an envelope for mailing. Yes, mail them.
The cat cards are a regular paper greeting card with a catnip toy attached to the front.

I have scanned the selection and will be uploading them to the store. They are also available here at the office. Themes vary- christmas, greetings, get well soon, welcome to your new home, etc.

The designs I have are all placed in the STORE- under the pet products category.


Show at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia

My show went up this past weekend at the Conservatory. Here's a few photos that I snapped in the lobby and in the conservatory. I posted them into a flickr set. Click here to go to flickr.

The show hangs until the weekend after Thanksgiving- November 25th for non-US readers.


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