Georgia- a Boxer Puppy

This week has been slow and yet, I've managed to get behind with little video clips.  

This is Georgia a Boxer Puppy that has been coming in for her puppy vaccinations.  This was her back in February (sorry about the blurry photos)

She quickly fell asleep after her vaccination. 

And this was her about 10 days ago. 


Ellis- A Pit Bull

This is Ellis.  She is boarding for a few days. She is about 11 months old.    She was adopted from the pound just hours before being euthanized.  Her new family went to the pound that afternoon, and she was scheduled for euthanasia at 4 pm.  So they adopted her.  Not necessarily looking for a dog.  Not necessarily looking for a pit bull puppy. 

She got lucky.  There are so many other dogs, and cats, that are not so fortunate. 

Years ago, before petfinder and the using the internet to get pets adopted, the pound wanted me to bid on their euthanasia services.   Occasionally, they'll bring an injured animal by, and I'll do those.  Those are different.   But I couldn't even come up with a dollar amount.   I asked how many are you talking about?  The pound wasn't very proactive about finding homes for anyone.   Remember this was before petfinder.   The answer at the time,  4-7 per week.  About 1 per day.   1 per day.

And I said, "I don't care how much you pay me. There isn't enough money in the world to get me through therapy, to drive out to the pound each day and euthanize a dog or cat that just needs a home.  I realize that you need someone to do it, but it can't be me."    They weren't very happy.


George and Gracie and their Last Puppy Vaccinations

George and Gracie came in for their last puppy shots today.  She's up to 29 lbs.  He's 32 lbs. 

Kids grow up so quickly these days.  *sniff, sniff*  

They are boarding in a few weeks, for a few days.  We'll be loading up on Doggie Treats that weekend.
How could you not with those faces?  You just want to pinch their cheeks and squish them around.


Nobody likes having to make the decision when it's time to say goodbye to a beloved pet. I often write this on sympathy cards.


Charlie Brown Grew into his Ears - Well, sort of

Just a little.  :) 

Y'all remember Charlie Brown from about a month ago.  He was about a 3 1/2 month old Chihuahua at the time. 

So a Month has gone by, and he had grown into his ears, a little,  when he came in last week for his puppy vaccination. 

It really is amazing how fast puppies grow and change when you look back at photos. 


*Yawn* Welcome to Monday

Samson came in on Friday afternoon for his puppy vaccination.  It had been a long day . . .  playing with brothers and sisters. . .  going to new home. . .  getting a bath . . . . .getting a puppy vaccination and being checked for worms.

And then it was lights out.  Just as if someone turned on the Narcolepsy switch. 

They aren't exactly sure what breed of dog he is.  The Mom is a beagle-something-something and no one knows anything about the Dad.   He sort of reminds me of a cocker spaniel, with his color pattern, and the shape of his head and ears.   It'll be interesting to see what he ends up looking like.  


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