Retriever Puppy -watercolor on Yupo

I finished this painting last night. Scroll back the previous posts and you can see the steps and reference pic. I think I need to keep this painting for my upcoming show in November at the State Botanical Gardens. 30% of the proceeds benefit the gardens, 20% benefits Sundown Surgery Fund at UGA Vet Med teaching hospital.

Note- I have listed a giclee print of the painting in my Etsy store.

transparent watercolor on Yupo paper, 5x7 inches. Click on the images and they enlarge a little.

If you are interested in this original, leave a note in the comments. When it is offered for sale, I can let you know by searching for this post.


Plugging along

I worked more on this painting last night. Probably be finished in an another evening or two.


Sad Puppy- on Yupo WIP (work in progress)

My apologies as I didn't intend to email out the ref pic yesterday. I thought I had disconnected the email link, but somehow it got sent out anyways! I started working on this last night. I will work on it more this evening.

Yupo does interesting things- notice how the yellow bled into the brown pushing some of the color away at his left ear.


My next painting

Ever felt like this? I was browsing through reference pics and came across this photo.
Sad. We'll see if this turns out . . . . or not. I think this might be tough to capture.


Visions of Sugarplums- new Yupo daily painting

Let me explain the title. . . I am supposed to be painting the December image for the 2008 Art Helping Animals Calendar. Actually, I think everyone has finished theirs but me. Ha! I decided on this idea when I found this pic of a Mama Cat snuggling with her kitten. So content, so peaceful. Visions of Sugarplums dancing in their heads.

I am planning on adding a holiday or christmas themed border around the outside for the actual calendar image, but this is the main image. (for now, anyways, if I don't change my mind).

The original painting will be listed for charity - Sundown Surgery Fund- click here to bid.


Another Calico Cat on Yupo- Painting of the Day

I have painted this reference photo before. What I like about the reference photo is the long hair and whiskers of this cat as the sunlight shines from behind her head. It's very dramatic.

That is difficult for me to capture on yupo as the paint slides around on the surface. Some of the whiskers and fur here are wiped and scratched out of the paint film. Others are painted with a little acrylic on a long and tiny brush.

Watercolor on Yupo, 5.5 x 6.5 inches

Listed on ebay as a charity listing for Sundown Surgery Fund.


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