Puppy Photos

Ya'll better say Thank You.

I'm for Realz.

If you knew how many pcs, zip drives, flash drives, laptops, and my macbook, that I had to hook together to unearth these old photos. The computer up front is from 1998 and is running windows 98. That is where my first little 1 mb digital camera stored photos. And it has no CD burner. Or no USB port. So I have to move the images to a zip disk. Then plug the zip drive into my old PC laptop (year 2001 model)with no working monitor. Hook up a monitor. Move Image files from the zip disk to a USB drive.
Finally move files from my usb drive onto macbook, and photoshop, and finally to blogger. I need a drink.

Here's the puppy photos of Jethro that I mentioned the other day from March or April(?) 2000. He had just survived parvo when he adopted me.

Look at his little boxer face. Awwww. . . . (Click the photos and they will enlarge)

And I don't want to hear any fat jokes, could I be any larger remarks, or about how much less grey hair I had back then. It's all this stress, I'm telling ya'.

It was fun to find these photos. I have others to share including the most bizarre tumor on a dog that I have ever seen. So stay tuned.

And finally, is this a Mess of Puppies or what?

This family had puppies every year or every other year for several years. Really nice dogs. Always about this many. There is only 1 still around that I am aware of.


'Scilla today

I let Priscilla run around the office for a few minutes this morning since no clients were coming in. The first place she goes to is Leon's scratching pad with catnip in it. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Sometimes she just lounges on top of it.


This arrived in the mail this week. . . .

Patterson is an office supply company. They also put out a dental supply version and a veterinary one as well. Remember, you can click on the photos and they will enlarge a bit.

Stella Violano, from California, has several images licensed by them for their cards and reminders. She is the founder of Art Helping Animals and is newly represented by JMS Art Licensing.

(It's probably a good thing she lives way over yonder, otherwise she might hunt me down for posting this. . . )

She has a page in this catalog for postcard reminders, and another for sympathy cards.

One of the sympathy cards features a painting she did of a little dog abandoned here named Sweet Pea.

Jethro update-
A few people have asked about Jethro and how he is doing. He's actually doing quite well. No one would know except for his "I went to the University haircut". It's starting to grow out a bit.

He is taking a NSAID everyday, and had one 1 chemo treatment. The chemo didn't seem to make him feel bad at all. I switched his food to one with no corn, no wheat, lots of good things like sweet potatoes, green peas, blueberries, in it. He likes it so well that he has gained 4 lbs. He goes back for a second chemo treatment on Monday, and then might get another ultrasound done about a month later to see if the tumor is any smaller. That means another university haircut.

I was looking through some old photos the other day and found some when he was just a puppy. With his "widdle puppy face". *pinches and pulls on his cheeks*. I'll have to find an old zip drive to transfer them over to share.


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