Meet Callie and Allie

These 2 little ladies were found inside a chicken coop last week. No sign of Mom.
But she might have left to join the circus as to get these two inside the chicken coop she would have had to climb to the roof, walk across a little bar, squeeze through a little hole in the wire, and down inside the coop.

It sounds as if her middle name might be Wallenda, or Houdini, so she has a bigger calling in life. So off to the circus she went.

They were weak, hungry, covered in fleas. So the chick coop owner took them in, and started feeding them kitten formula after getting rid of the fleas. That was a week ago, and they are boarding this week while the owner is on vacation.

Allie, the grey one, resembled Yoda a lot after she got sprayed for the fleas.


Sherri said...

If the owner wants to find homes for either of them, please let me know! I would be glad to take one of these precious babies!!! (And yes, I live in Elberton).

libu said...

you have pastel and regular calico... I like to think of the light color combo as the pastel calico...they are darling !hope they werent to wild as feril kittens can be....

Ren said...

They are so absolutely tiny, delicate and wonderful. We have done so many rescues and it always makes my heart leap to see babies saved.


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