American Bulldog Puppies

Sorry everyone, I've been slack about posting for a week or two.    I went to NYC to see the National Stationery Show over the weekend of May 14th.    While I was there, or on the way home, I came down with a nasty cold and cough.  So I've been downing a  barrage of medications-  Nyquil, Dayquil, Pseudoephedrine, Mucinex, and various cough drops and chloraseptic. I am slowly getting some better. Pity me.  CVS keeps giving me the evil eye as I keep buying pseudoephedrine.  As if I have time to run a meth lab . . . . . I have cats to feed.

Before I left, these guys came in for their puppy vaccinations. 

Now I know what you are thinking.  "They SO Cute. I'll take two."   Now here's the reality.  The males weigh about 90-110 lbs. when they are grown.  They don't eat like a bird either.  I hope you have extra room in the trunk to haul dog food home for your twins.  I'm just sayin'.  While everyone is complaining about $4 per gallon gas, you'll be the one complaining about the price of dog food. 

They are cute though, I admit.  I just want to squeeze and hug them when they come in.  Even the adults.  I try not to let them step on my toe though.   :)


You'll have to speak up, I mean scream. . . . We have the bugs.

13 year cicadas.  If you live in the South, you might know what I'm talking about.  About a week and a half ago, a client was talking about the Cicadas at her house.  I knew they are around in the summer, but was unaware of the 13 year and 17 year species.  

Two days later, the trees started whirring with this humming sound.  Luckily, they are quiet at night. Soon the females will lay eggs in the ground, and we'll see them again in 2024. 

Photo found via Google Images and Flickr.

Photo found via Google Images and Flickr. 

Photo found via Google Images and Flckr.

 Here's a few short video of clips I shot last week. You can see them fluttering around the branches.  It sounds like there is a construction site next door, but that isn't the case. You do hear vehicles going by on the highway. 


Lucky Update- the Atresia Ani Kitten

A few people have written to ask how Lucky was doing.   So here's an update.  Lucky has gained some weight and is now about 5 lbs. 

Did I tell you that we know think she is a he?  I can't remember. I know I mentioned it on Facebook. If I did, you get to hear it again . . . . .

Let's back track a little.  Lucky had surgery to fix the atresia ani birth defect right at the end of Feb and first of March.  The sutures came out from that 2 weeks later on March 16th.  That was all fine.  So we were waiting for all that to heal a little further, get a little bigger, gain a little weight to "spay" Lucky.  So sometime around the 2nd week of April, Lucky had gotten up to 4 lbs.  (which is still little, so I decided to spay her).  From the outside, Lucky appears to be a female.  Inside, I couldn't find a uterus.  So I sewed he/she/it back up.   We could feel 2 little blips down his back leg that I "think" might be testicles.  Asides from being born with no colon,  he/she/it is far from being anatomically correct. I sort of suspect that he might be a hermaphrodite,  with both sex organs, or some bizarre genetic something or other-  like an extra X chromosome-  XXY instead of a XX or a XY.   (There are tests available to identify this, but they are expensive ($100-250) and they take a huge blood sample.  Testing really wouldn't change much at this point, so I'm holding off on those for now.)

After rooting around looking for a uterus, I didn't feel like chasing blips, so I decided to leave them alone for a little longer till he is a little older and larger.  Making them (the suspect testicle blips)  easier to find and identify.   And I still might have to send them to a pathologist to confirm they are in fact testicles. . . . .

So over the past few weeks, I've kept the camcorder out just making little video clips of Lucky and the other cats.   Well, them and the 13 year cicadas outside.  (You won't believe when you hear those videos).

 Someone asked about a Lucky update, so I strung all the little videos together into 17 minutes of Lucky.  Way more of Lucky that you ever wanted to see.  You'll be sorry you asked.   It took almost 6 hours to upload to Youtube.  All the while I'm hoping that the lights don't flicker off and knock off the modem.  And have to start all over.  (You're Welcome. . . .)

I almost neutered him this week, but then decided I was too tired (read lazy) to play, "Find the testicle" so it's on my to do list for early next week.   After that,  he'll be officially up for adoption.   Don't everyone fight over  he/she/it.   I know you are just imagining what fun dinner conversation you'll be having with your guests, trying to explain that your cat was born without a colon AND  both man and lady parts.



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