The December Issue of Shelter Pet Magazine

Hello everybody-

Busy with the holidays?  Rushing here? Rushing there?  More importantly, have you bought my present yet?  If not, you have a few more days. . .

I am feeling the pressure myself, and am quickly whittling down my "Things I want to do list" to the "things I have to do" list.  That Martha Stewart- she makes the holidays look so easy, doesn't she?

I was under the gun to get the December issue of Shelter Pet Magazine into the App store before they go on holiday schedule.  I had to correct a lot of the photos, like the one on the left,  to make it look like the one on the right. Nobody can adopt what they can't see. . .:)

So I uploaded the file, and it hit a snafu.  The photos came out wrong and none of the links worked. 
It has taken until today to get it sorted out and it works now.

This issue is available for iPads and iPhones in the App store.

It is also available at  MagCloud . com .   At MagCloud, you can buy the digital version to read on your ipad with the MagCloud App, download the PDF to your computer or to sync with a tablet, or read it on your computer with their web viewer.


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