Beach Family- Watercolor on Yupo

This painting is from this bi-weekly challenge at Karin Jurick's Different Strokes Blog.

Here's the reference photo.

So I got to thinking about making it a vertical format, rather than horizontal, which means someone has to move. Then I realize I could position Dad Dude behind the boogie board, and that would be 1 less limb to have to paint.

It's Watercolor on Yupo board, 5 x 7 inches. It's impressionistic, since it's just shapes and dabs of color and value. And when you stand back, (No not THAT far back), it reads more dimensional. These seem to glow with more luminosity when scanned than they do in real life. In real life, the colors are a bit darker, a little richer.

Here's what a photo of the painting looks like after it's been varnished.

$95 plus $6 shipping. Ships priority mail.


Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Well, Jethro had his appointment and test yesterday.

They were able to collect some cells from his urethra to make the diagnosis for his straining to urinate. It was as I suspected- a transitional cell carcinoma.

Here's an interesting link with photos, explanations, etc.

It was not as bad as it could have been. It doesn't affect much of the lumen of the bladder. Just the neck and the part of his urethra going through his prostate gland. His lymph nodes aren't involved yet, and his chest radiographs are clear.

He is starting the combo treatment mentioned in the article. Hopefully it will decrease the swelling enough to allow him to urinate freely again.

While I dread the thought and process of having to put him to sleep, I think this will make me appreciate him even more while he's still here. However long that might be.

I appreciate everyone's good thoughts, prayers, and concerns. Jethro does as well.
He's coming home tomorrow.


Holly- Grey Tabby Cat Spay

This sweet little girl got spayed on Tuesday and I snapped her photo waiting for her Mom to pick her up yesterday. Her name is Holly.


For Jethro Sale

Ya'll have seen photos of my dog, Jethro. He's a mutt- boxer-hound dog? something mix. He's about 9 1/2 years old. He looks like a Jethro. And he sort of acts like a Jethro.

Not as old as dirt. But not a spring chicken either. I acquired him when he was about 6 months old. He had just gotten over parvo.

Here he is with ringworm on his lip. I called him Syphilis Lip for a few days.

For the last few months, he's had to go outside more frequently to urinate. I could let him out late at night, and he'd be fine till the morning. Or I would have to get up a little earlier to let him out to pee-pee. It was as if his bladder was filling up too quickly, or he was getting the urge to go more frequently. And straining to urinate a little, like something is restricting something.

So I thought, Oh No. Here we go. Could be diabetic. Could be a problem with his kidneys.
His bloodwork was all normal. His urine was concentrated normally. No blood in his urine.

It hasn't gotten any better. We shot radiographs today. Can't see much on them. Most bladder stones are radioopqaque, being made of Calcium and phosphorus. Others are translucent and won't show up on radiograph, but will on an ultrasound.

So, he has an appointment on Thursday to have his bladder and prostate ultrasounded. And if needed, a biopsy. Dogs can get prostate cancer and bladder cancer, just like people.

So the next question, how to pay for this? I had rather NOT put it on a credit card with 20% interest, if it can be helped. So I are having a special art sale. For Jethro. Several of my small daily paintings are framed and for sale. They are framed in really nice ornate frames. The frames would normally retail for around $90-100. Unframed originals generally sell for $95-100. And the framed ones are priced at $220.

I am marking them down to get my cash out of them to pay for Jethro's tests. $120. That's like buying a frame, with an original painting thrown in for almost free. Or a framed original for a little bit over the priced of an unframed original. Or a nice frame with an original for the price of a print.

So, if there was one that you really liked when you saw it the first time around, now is the time to grab it. The subjects vary- florals, fruit still lifes, one or two cats, and one or two dogs.
I was debating about listing them in my store, with a discount code, but I think it might be easier to post them here on my blog, starting tomorrow with a paypal button.

They are too big for a priority shipping box, so I'll have to get other boxes to ship them in. I'm guessing they will cost about $20 to ship. The frames are wood, but they aren't terribly heavy. I will probably weigh one before tomorrow. I'll show a photo of the frames as well, if you don't remember what they looked like.

So check back tomorrow and I'll list some with a paypal button. And I probably list more on Wednesday and throughout the week as well.



She's Back. . . . . .

Ellie Doe came back in for her puppy vaccination today. Gained a total of 3 lbs since her first visit.


Daffodil Shadows- Varnished Watercolor on Yupo

This past Sunday, a week ago, this is what outside looked like. . . .

And this past Sunday. . . .

So I picked a few daffodils and threw them in a vase to photograph. . . while Sunshine sneaks out the door.

Then Leon and Maybelline want to help.
Excuse me, but you are blocking the nice light. Thank you.

Here's these two seem to be saying, "I ain't going out there. You go get Sunshine."
"I ain't going out there either . . . Sunshine can just rot outside for all I care. . ."

These 2 don't like outside. Nope, No Sir, No Way. Which is ironic as they were both outside kitties when they were brought in for euthanasia.

One of the photographs. Minus the "assistants".

and the painting. . . Daffodil Shadows, varnished watercolor on Yupo board, 5x7 inches


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