English Shepherd Puppies- I Haz Em

These guys came in for their 2nd puppy vaccinations today.  All 8 of them.  

A few are sold, but some are still available if anyone is interested. I'll pass the word along to their owner.  They are 4 or 5th generation of a very desireable bloodline of English Shepherds.  I can't remember the details at the moment.



Meet Charlie.
He's a 6 lb. stray rescued from the pound about a month ago.  That's right.  The Pound.  He looks like a Papillon.  He got neutered today.

I know what you are thinking-  "How come the only strays that show up at my house are old, 3 legged beagles? With one eye?"   Just lucky are you.

He is pretty cute.  I don't think he was at the pound very long.


Heeee's Back. . . . Turkey, that is.

Not to stay though. The lady who adopted him isn't well, so Princess and Bobby (formerly known as Turkey) are hanging out with me, while she is in the hospital. I took this photo to her last night, and I uploaded the video to my ipad to play for her. Her dogs are her life.

She didn't much care for the name Turkey. So she changed it to Bobby. (I'll always know him as Turkey. Don't tell his Mom).

Put Turkey Dalton into the Search Bar above and you can find his earlier post when he was dumped here by his bad check writing, bill skirting, previous owner. Back in June, I think.


More Little Prints at ArtOMat

I sent off more little prints to ArtOMat yesterday.   With their little easels.  Several cats images and 3 dog images.

They should be around the country in ArtOMat machines shortly.  They are small- 2 x 3 inches.  More of a promotional item than anything, as they do take quite a bit of time to make.  Print and trim the prints, drymount them, apply three coats of varnish, sign the backs,  cut and score the easels,  pack them in their little boxes, apply the labels and cellophane, and ship them off.  They really are quite the bargain as they sell for $5 in the machines.  

If you want to check locations of the machines, visit their website.


I thought these links were worth sharing . . . .

and totally unrelated.

The first one is a link to a blog post about an ikea commercial where 100 cats were released into the store. How ironic that I have an ikea chair here at the office, that the cats have claimed for their own.

Here's the video on Youtube-

I also came across this book on Amazon.  It's about a cocker spaniel named Katie.  The book has just been released, I think.  You must watch the video about the story behind the book.  You must.

 Here's the book on Amazon.

If you want to watch the video about the bookm, without going to the Amazon page,   It is also here at this link as well.

I don't have a Kindle, but I ended up downloading  the ebook from barnes and noble and am reading it on my ipad. Only got to about page 25 late last night.


Yoda and Priscilla Today

People on Facebook were requesting another video. . . .
It went something like this-

We're bored.  We're hungry.  Can you make us something to eat?  
And bring it to us while we lounge here in the lounge chairs? 
We don't have anything to do. Entertain us.  Shoot another video of the cats.

My little digital camera takes okay photos, but the video on it is a not so great.  So I took my camcorder to the office this afternoon.  It does better in low light situations.  Yoda and 'Scilla were playing in the cat room this time. 

(note to self- next time, remove that cat litter or whatever is stuck to her rear end . . . )



Jibby is part of "ma Posse" this afternoon.  She's here for the day getting the second part of her heartworm treatment.  She was brought in about 2 months ago, all itchy, chewing most all the hair off her back half.

Look how nice she looks now.  That Dr. Mathis, he's a miracle worker, I tell ya.

She had heartworms and did the first part of the treatment about a month ago.  She's going to be fine.  But if anyone has a dog, or a cat, that isn't on prevention, consult with your veterinarian.  Some areas of the country are less susceptible (no mosquitos- lucky you) .  Left untreated, they can cause heart, lung, and kidney damage.  Sometimes irreversible and fatal.   They (heartworms) are bad news.  They are often not taken as seriously as some worms since owners can't see them.

It's often like this- Heartworms. Meh.
But, let a tapeworm crawl of the dog or cat's rear end, and the owners are sitting on the doorstep the next morning waiting for the office to open.  (PSssst-  Tapeworms are more of nuisance than anything. Not terribly pathological)

Enjoy your weekend.


The Latest on Ms. Yoda

My apologies.
I realize that I haven't shared the latest photos and videos of Yoda over the past 2 or 3 weeks.  I have too many irons in the fire . . .  photos and videos. . . . going in different directions. . .  facebook, twitter, petfinder, etc.   That got shared everywhere but here. 

So today, y'all get treated to a Super size post of Yoda.  She is off her bottle as of yesterday.  I listed her on petfinder last week, I think.  But so far, no takers. Don't all raise your hands at once.  :)

Y'all saw her first photos sometime the first of August.  

These photos were from the 17th.

This video of her is also from the 17th.

If you have been following along on Facebook, then you've seen me over the last month whining about my Coffee Woes.  I drink coffee.  It's my vice- that and Diet Cokes/Pepsi.    Anyway, one day, Carrie was headed to Walmart to pick up the usual supplies-  paper towels, cat litter, etc.  And I was out of coffee.  So I asked her to pick some up.  I don't consider myself a coffee snob.  I don't buy the most expensive coffee. Nor the cheapest.  I buy somewhere in the middle.  I've bought 8 O Clock brand in the past.  Now I like the Bi-Lo brand, Southern Home Roasting Company.   So I suggested 8 O clock and figured Walmart would have that one.  Well, they didn't.  And Carrie doesn't drink coffee.

(Note to all you out there-  Never EVER let a non-coffee drinker buy coffee! )

So she brings back Maxwell House.  Like a 5 gallon bucket full of the stuff.  And I've been drinking it, rather than throw it out.  Mixing it with the BiLo brand, Doctoring it up with Cream and Splenda, etc.
And I was finally able to empty the container.  And put it to a more practical purpose.

Last Friday, I recorded Yoda and Priscilla playing around the office.

A little light reading while muti-tasking earlier this week. . . . 

A Little Fun with the Roomba, Wheee!

So if you know of anyone that might want to adopt a long haired black kitten, I know where one can be found.


2 Homeless Kittens

A client brought these two kittens in yesterday. 2 males.  She found them on the side of the road.  One has a rather nasty looking wound, two wounds actually, on his head.  But, it will heal, and he will be fine with a little TLC and antibiotics.

They got a bath today, and will look a little better in a few days.   I have been thinking up names for them.  Frick and Frack.  Joe and Moe. Lettuce and Tomato.  Bert and Ernie.  Punch and Jody.  Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

She will be  trying to find a home, or homes,  for them.  She already has several dogs and a cat or two.  If you are interested, let me know. 

If you want to see all 16 photos, click here to go to the set on Flickr. 


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