English Shepherd Puppies- I Haz Em

These guys came in for their 2nd puppy vaccinations today.  All 8 of them.  

A few are sold, but some are still available if anyone is interested. I'll pass the word along to their owner.  They are 4 or 5th generation of a very desireable bloodline of English Shepherds.  I can't remember the details at the moment.


Sharyn Sowell said...

I am such a dog lover I laugh with joy to see your pics. Wish so much you lived in the Pacific Northwest so I could bring my wonderful doggies to you! Keep posting more photos like this, they are so much fun!

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Great picture. Give them some sloppy kisses for me.

jamiebeau said...

I am guessing from the looks of the litter and combination of colors that they may have somewhere in their pedigree grandparents from Jeff Lunsfords dogs in South Carolina. Some of my litters from his dogs have the same combination of colors and appearance.


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