Happy Thanksgiving and a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

Hello Everyone-
I am sure ya'll are all stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie by now.

I have been camping out here at the office with the boarders. Someone gave me a cold for the holidays, so I am downing Zicam, alavert, drixoral, Hall's cough drops and ibuprofen like it's going out of style.
Not all at once, I am spacing it out appropriately. :) But I did treat myself to some pumpkin pie.

I am headed to my parents house in South Georgia tomorrow night for a late Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. This also might be the first time I can pay back the nieces and nephews (affectionately know as "plaque on legs") as I am always catching their bugs after every family function. Every time.

So, I wanted to say hi and let you know about a BLACK FRIDAY special going on at Printfection.
They have their products at 25% off through the weekend with the coupon code SAVE25.

(I think Zazzle is doing one as well, know that I think about it- just for tomorrow).

Printfection is where I've had cutting boards printed. I was lamenting awhile back about doing a custom order of the Calla Lilies. First, I was told those are funeral flowers, so I asked about it- with various opinions.

Well, I never did get around to doing a custom order with another company as I would have to order 144 of them. That many would get the retail price down to $20-25 for a large size cutting board.( One person said they would probably buy one, so I would only be stuck with 143. . . . .ha, ha)

I have ordered this cutting board twice, and they turn out great. It's large 11 x 15 inches.
Can use it a cutting board, cheese board, hot trivet or serving tray. The image is sublimated to the back so a hot pot isn't going to hurt it. Dishwasher safe with little bumper feet on the back to protect your table or counter top.

It's also very cool to display in on your counter, in a dark corner, by using a clear display easel and a small light behind it.

Here's Unlit.

Here it is lit from behind.

So I have uploaded a few more images as cutting boards, cats, dog, florals, even some old still lifes that rarely see the light of day. I think they are 12 designs in all. I am also waiving my commission on any ordered through Sunday night. That's a $5 savings right there, with 25% off coupon nets them down to $22.50.

So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone, or just for yourself- don't daddle past Sunday night. Get over to


My Skanky Daughter stayed out all Night

And who know what tom foolery went on out there- Smoking, Drinking, Driving without a seatbelt. She was caught at lunch today and is grounded for 2 weeks. Obviously it was a large time as she has been napping all afternoon. She barely can hold her eyes open. See?

Some time between the approximate hours of 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm, Miss Sunshine slinked out a door. Probably when I let Daisy out to use the facilities. So when I went to put all the prisoners back in their cell, one was missing. Like escape from Alcatraz. Not found anywhere in the office. I called around outside, but no child in sight.

Walked and called this morning, and still no child.

She was busted about lunchtime, hiding up under an old sign leaning against the building. She didn't rush out like she had been saved or anything. So I not sure if she regrets her adventure.

Rebellious Children. What's a parent to do?


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