My Skanky Daughter stayed out all Night

And who know what tom foolery went on out there- Smoking, Drinking, Driving without a seatbelt. She was caught at lunch today and is grounded for 2 weeks. Obviously it was a large time as she has been napping all afternoon. She barely can hold her eyes open. See?

Some time between the approximate hours of 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm, Miss Sunshine slinked out a door. Probably when I let Daisy out to use the facilities. So when I went to put all the prisoners back in their cell, one was missing. Like escape from Alcatraz. Not found anywhere in the office. I called around outside, but no child in sight.

Walked and called this morning, and still no child.

She was busted about lunchtime, hiding up under an old sign leaning against the building. She didn't rush out like she had been saved or anything. So I not sure if she regrets her adventure.

Rebellious Children. What's a parent to do?


Maureen A. Girard said...

Oh, my. Well, I can't blame the girl. You've got to try something new at least once! Even if you spend all day napping!

Michele said...

Had to get in the fun before the weather got too bad! I have a feeling I have a picture of part of the gang she was hangin with! Hasn't moved from her spot since around 9:30 this morn!

TheresaJ said...

... the little trollop!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the days of my early 20s.

DGgirl said...

Oh to be young, footloose and fancy free again LOL!!!!!!!!


Phyllis Dobbs said...

Girls just gotta have fun!


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