Little Pumpkins- on Yupo

Here's my painting of this weeks subject at Karin Jurick's Different Strokes blog.

Pumpkins I think are easier to paint if they are orange, 'cause with white ones you have all this color bouncing around from other objects and background. I did underpaint a few areas with fluid acrylics since I didn't want those glazes to move, with watercolor on top.

Not quite realistic values, but there are some interesting bleeds and subtle color blends that you probably can't see on the monitor.

Three Little Pumpkins, 5x7 image size.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


Cujo- Parvo Puppy here this past Weekend

Meet Cujo. Careful, he's ferocious.

Cujo came in Friday night, when the phone rang about 7 pm. (We close at 6) . So here I have this puppy several weeks old, literally skin and bones, depressed, not eating, vomiting, and diarrhea.

No puppy shots. Fecal- loaded with hookworms and whipworms. It's unusual to see whips in a puppy this young. The parvo test turns bright blue- much like a pregnancy test.

So he start treatment- Tamiflu (which isn't cheap, but seems to help to prevent secondary septicemia) , antibiotic injections, fluids, dewormer.

We were a little chilled so we dragged out the heat lamp. Aaahh- much better.

By Monday morning (yesterday) we started eating a little on his own and keeping it down. Feeling a little better, wagging his tail a little when you woke him up from his naps.
So he got a bath and sent home late yesterday afternoon with his Tamiflu and a few more days of antibiotics.

Cujo says to tell everyone to get those puppy vaccines, because Tamiflu does not taste like candy.


Man on a Park Bench- this Week's Subject

for Different Strokes blog. Neat to see the different versions. Varnished Watercolor on Yupo board , 5x7 inches.

$95, plus $6 for shipping.

there seems to be a problem with the paypal button at the moment. It is giving an error message. Contact me via email if interested. Thanks.


Bella- The interesting Case of the Week

This is Bella. A 6 month old French Bulldog that came in Wednesday. She had been spayed at another vet hospital on Tuesday. (gasp! I know). And was having all kinds of problems with diarrhea and pooping all over the house after surgery. So her owner decided to board her to see if I could get the diarrhea to clear up.

Cute isn't she? Is this a face only a mom could love?

Notice anything different? I know she looks like she might pop out an eyeball at any point, in the photo below, but that isn't it.

She has a cleft lip on both sides. Not a cleft palate. Her palate appears to be intact. Her lips under her nose didn't fuse correctly.

Cool, huh?
It doesn't affect her eating or anything. Her diarrhea is a little better today, she finished her medication, so she'll probably go home late this afternoon.


The view is so much better up here. . . .

Originally uploaded by steb
I was browsing photos at flickr, looking for cats sitting on a park bench, and came across this.

Flickr is great.

Click on the image, go to flickr, and you can view the large size from there.


Atlanta Fall Gift Show- AmericasMart

Well, I am back from the Atlanta Fall Gift Show. I haven't done the Americasmart wholesale Gift Show since way back in 2002, although I often attend the Jan or July one for the day to visit the showrooms, see what products they are showing, to scout for potential licensees.
Below is a photo of my booth.

Here's the view from the other angle. Notice the big red arrows pointing to something blocking the view. This is what attendees saw if the happen to be coming down the aisle. An import company from Brazil hung 3 rather large pressed paper plates on the pole dividing the booth. 98% of the time, they stayed on my side of the curtain. I wanted to hang prints on them, since technically I was paying for the space.

In January, I am showing in the licensing and design section with Atlanta Art Licensing Group.

Phyllis Dobbs, Brenda Pinnick, and Stella Violano were attending the show. Stella had never been to Americasmart. She was elated to discover Chick-fil-A, since they don't have those in California apparently.


A Portrait of Jack

Karin Jurick from Decatur, who paints fantastic people and cityscapes, posted on her blog about her dog Jack, who had brain cancer and had to be put to sleep. She started a project on another blog, posting a picture each week for people to paint. A photo of Jack was the first subject. You can see all the interpretations so far at that blog- (Sorry I had the link wrong, the first time.)

Here's my interpretation. Varnished watercolor on Yupo board, 5x7 inches. Unframed. I'll list the painting for sale with 20% of the proceeds going to Old Dog Haven, in Jack's memory. $95 plus $6 for shipping. You can find either a google checkout, or paypal button at the bottom of the post.

Check out that cool little spidery bleed. I had to leave it in.

SOLD. I thank you, Old Dog Haven thanks you, and Jack's family thanks you too.

Edit- 10:30 pm- I am so sorry, it seems this post went out again, when added the paypal buttons. My apologies for all those who received this post twice. Blogger used to not send out an edited post.


Cat Notepads arrived today from the Printer

These arrived today. Yay!
I wanted some small promotional items for the Atlanta Gift Show next weekend and had these printed.

Set of 3 notepads. 4 x 6 inches, 50 sheets of paper, with a backing board.

I listed a set in my Etsy store- Click here.


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