Little Pumpkins- on Yupo

Here's my painting of this weeks subject at Karin Jurick's Different Strokes blog.

Pumpkins I think are easier to paint if they are orange, 'cause with white ones you have all this color bouncing around from other objects and background. I did underpaint a few areas with fluid acrylics since I didn't want those glazes to move, with watercolor on top.

Not quite realistic values, but there are some interesting bleeds and subtle color blends that you probably can't see on the monitor.

Three Little Pumpkins, 5x7 image size.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


VieiraGirl said...

Love the boo pumpkins. Well that is what they call white pumpkins here at least. Great painting

315thomas said...

beautiful painting... welcome autumn!

GumballGrenade said...

Isn't Yupo the weirdest! I've done a couple watercolors on it and loved the way they turned out. I espcially love your pumpkins though. The texutre and shadow on the largest pumpkin turned out fabulous. Very gourdy.

Terry Rafferty said...

Hi Andy - saw your comment at Karin's DFFDF site, lol - I suspect we won't see any bean paintings till next Wednesday! I have a drawing started, but.... Anyway, being amused by your comment, I came to see your blog and love the mix of art and animals - some very charming fellows here. Hurray for all vets who care :-)

Anonymous said...

That woman has caused an outbreak of white pumpkins - you did a nice job with your version.

n. rhodes harper said...

Nice paintings Andy! I like the ones on your website too. So glad to meet a veterinarian artist!


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