Ellie- Homeless to Happy in less than 7 days

Hello everyone-
As you can see I've been neglecting my blog this week. I wanted to share these photos I snapped today. Some are blurry, I apologize for that. I suspect my digital camera gets lazy about focusing when the batteries get low.

First, remember TarBaby? The 10 year old cat stranded here when her owner had to move to a care facility? And then the couple who purchased the house was going to adopt her and let her move back to "her" house?
Sadly, that all fell through. She's still homeless.

and then you'll recognize Sunshine. Who is "affectionately" referred to, by Maybelline, as the Devil.

Roxie came in for her last puppy shot.

and here's Ellie.

She came in last Monday, looking "possibly with children", sort of wormy, etc. She showed up at the client's house over the weekend.

these photos were taken today so she's looking better. On Wednesday of last week she got spayed, and was in today to get the staples out and get a bath.

She would have had 10 puppies before Thanksgiving.

Such a sweet dog, with a sweet personality.

Notice her bottom jaw? Her right side, the left side of your monitor.

Not ever so long ago, her mandible was fractured on that side. It healed but it's a little displaced.

There isn't much can be done with it now. It's healed. But that must have been really, really uncomfortable trying to eat for several weeks while it healed.

Next week or so, she's back to be treated for heartworms.

Remember to spay and neuter those pets. There are enough Ellie Maes (I am certain her middle name is Mae. We are in the South, afterall) running around as it is.


Anonymous said...

Great pics - she definitely looks happy now:)
Love the pumpkins!!

Alice Thompson said...

Andy, I was stopping by your blog to see how you handled "the bean" challenge (your comments are always very jovial)... but it looks like you've had a very busy week.

I've never tried or even heard of Yupo before reading your Blog. Looks very difficult.

I'll be keeping an eye on your art and work in the future.

Andy Mathis said...

thanks Alice.

I printed a photo of the dreaded bean, and had it sitting on my desk, but just could not find the motivation to paint it during the week.


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