the Queen and her Underwear Show

It seems Queenie of HerRoyalMajestyBags at Etsy was trying to save the earth and some money by hanging her laundry out on a line. Her neighbors did/do not share her eco-sensibilities. Shortly, HRMB requested underwear be sent to her. and so it was. lots of underwear. small underwear. big underwear. all colors and styles.

And here's the first photo at flickr.


Cats Need Help in Nevada

I try to not send out emails unless I am posting new artwork or if it's something important. Many may have gotten the same email today from Best Friends Animal Society and I felt it was newsworthy.

Best Friends was called in to assist with 400 cats at a "out of control" rescue group outside of Las Vegas. You can find up to date information on their website. Even the smallest donations help.

photo from Best Friends site.


Moving, Moving, Moving . . .. .

Yeah, I wish. Someplace cool . . . .no cold . . . . and quiet. :)

Seriously, I am moving some originals to a new storefront on RubyLane. is know for antiques, collectibles, jewelry, and fine art. Here's my storelink and I'll be adding more items in the very near future, possibly some paintings from other Art Helping Animals artists too.


Flickr Group for Pet Photos

I started a Group for Pet Photos at Flickr. It allows me to sort my own reference photos for paintings, and you can add any that you would like to share. It's brand new (last night) to be exact, and you probably will see artist friends of mine. Some are members of Art Helping Animals.

If you aren't familiar with flickr, check out the flickr homepage here.

If you want to add photos, first sign up for flickr. Then upload your photos to your own photostream. Then join the Group - here's the link- Andy Mathis Ref Pics
Above each of your photos you will see a "Send to Group" link. Click there and that is it. Enjoy your weekend.


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