Can we play now, Please?- painting of the day

I stayed up late working on this painting. One Jimmy Kimmel and a few infomercials later it was finished.
Listed as a charity listing for Tabby's Place Cat Rescue- SOLD


another pink Calla lily- painting of the day

Hi ya'll.
Had to go out of town for continuing ed over the weekend. Truck got stuck in the mud, long story, had to get towed out. More paintings this week.


Colors of Cognac- Yupo- Painting of the Day

listed as a charity listing for Old Dog Haven. Click here to bid.


3 Red Pears on Yupo board - painting of the day

listed as a charity listing for Old Dog Haven. Listed as a store item at ebay-- not an auction, no bidding- available immediately- click here


Magnolia 2- Painting of the Day

a charity listing for Brooke's Heartworm treatment



Lemons in Bowl- painting of the day

watercolor on textured clayboard, 5x7 inches.


Red Tomatoes- painting of the day

I call Janie Freeman the "Queen of Tomatoes" as her tomatoes painting are amazing.
I am quite happy with the way this one turned out.


Grapefruit on Blue Plate- Yupo (click here)

charity listing for Old Dog Haven.
Have a good weekend.


Lemon Slices- painting of the day

I was attracted to this image as it is shot from a different angle and the lighting is very dramatic with deep shadows.
However, I am painting it with transparent watercolor on yupo board. Yupo does interesting things as the colors bleed and seperate. You can see the detail image.


another calla lily- painting of the day

Another Calla Lily, this time a baby calla lily.
Listed as a charity item, but is immediately available to the first person. Shipping is free if purchased within 24 hours.
Calla Lily-Newbie (click here)


Calla Lily- Painting of the Day

Another charity listing for Brooke's Heartworm Treatment


Hotel Concordia Study- Casein on Paper

This is a little study I was working on last night. You'll see this image again, I'm sure.

It is painted with casein paint on paper. Casein can be thinned and painted similar to transparent watercolors, but it is a bit more opaque, like an oil paint, acrylic, or gouache.

This hotel is in Venice, Italy, and why I took this pic was because of that curely-q shadow cast from the light fixture. (My shadow is all wrong, by the way, . . . it was getting late. . .)


Via Delle Paste- Painting of the Day

This mini painting is based on my photos taken in Rome, Italy.
Listed as a charity listing for Brooke, the dog needing heartworm treatment, at True Blue Animal Rescue.


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