jumped off the bed.  He's 6-7 months old. Chihuahua.  

He came in a little over a week ago.   Check out that leg he is holding up.

This happened several days before these photos were taken. A callus has already formed trying to stabilize the fracture site.  You can't move the bones around.  It happens rather fast in puppies and kittens.   Ideally, if he had come in after it happened, we probably could have put a spoon splint on it.  A spoon splint won't fit on it at this angle.   Referring him to an orthopedic surgeon wasn't an option, and neither was anesthetizing him and refracturing the fracture.  As it heals, I think it will remodel and not be at such a severe angle.

We sent him home on some pain meds and orders for strict confinement so it can finish healing.  No more jumping off the bed.


Happy a Cupcake in Celebration of Friday

Hi all- 
Who wants a cupcake?  For dogs? 

I made 10 of these late last night.  Carrot and Blueberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  No sugar in it so it is dog safe.

There is probably some health code about selling them, so I am giving them away for a $3 charity donation.  The special little box to keep them from getting squished costs a $1.  

Stop by if you want one, I only made 10 and Daisy has already eaten one . . . . . 

Enjoy your weekend-


barn kitties

I have clients who live out in the county and strays are always showing up at their house.  After awhile some have to be delegated as  "barn cats".  Then the problem becomes trying to catch them, (or trap them), and get them spayed or neutered before they have more "barn cats". 

While they are out of town, their "pets" are boarding, and they brought a Mama Cat, her 2 kittens, and another kitten in to be neutered and/or spayed.  Check them out. 

The kittens are part siamese. The 3rd kitten, from another litter,  is solid black and he is hiding in back of the carrier. Probably can't see him well at all.  The little female kitten won't be spayed for a few weeks. She came along for companionship as she would be lost without her mom and siblings according to the owners.  And they were right- she started meowing as her two brothers were taken out of the cage, anesthetized, and neutered.  They'll be awake enough to return by late this afternoon.

Here's a video of them-

In other news, July and August are flying by. It's been over a month since I sent Leon to Cat Heaven.  I mentioned it here and there, but I don't think I officially mentioned it here on my blog.  Clients have asked about him as they come in, and they don't see him anywhere.  If you were following along with his bad kidneys,  he got worse over the 4th of July weekend- depressed, dehydrated, etc.  And when he got to where he wasn't interested in eating his treats, (he NEVER refused cat treats.  Even with tooth gel on them, he would eat them.)  I knew it was time to set him free.   He had been here from almost the beginning of Granite Hills Animal Care so it was rather different not having him around.  I told someone I sort felt like I did when my last grandparent passed away.  You always have grandparents, and then one day, you don't.   He sits on a shelf here in the office with Jezabelle and Jethro.

I have also been working on some gift ideas for the holidays and beyond.   I needed to take photos of some of the items, so I bought some flowers yesterday and got out the camera to photograph this vase- 

Well . . . today we find "You Know Who" grazing on the salad bar and upchucking all over the office. 

I wasn't messin' with the flowers.   Honest.
We finally had to put the flowers in a cage to keep Lucky away from them.   Sunshine enjoyed the salad bar a little as well, but not nearly to the extent that Lucky did.

So what's new with you?  Ready for the summer to be over with?  Looking forward to Pumppkin Pie?


Tuki and Her Pups

You saw Tuki as a puppy when she was about 9 weeks old in this post.

She is all grown up now and having puppies of her own.  These 3 came in today for their 6 week vaccinations.  1 boy, 2 girls.  Pebbles is the name of the little grey one. 

They are all cute, but check out runty little Pebbles again. All 2.2 lbs. of her.  Uno, the male is about 3 lbs., and the other little female is in the middle at 2.7 lbs.  They like their pedigree puppy food mixed with vienna sausages. 

Here's a short video of them. Tuki is in there too.


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