It's those girls from the Chicken Coop

Callie and Allie.

Remember them from a few weeks ago? Their first photo a few weeks ago.
I didn't realize how much they have grown, until I look back at their first photo.
They were in today for their second kitten vaccination.


Scraggs vs. 'Scilla

These two are in the cat room at the moment- Cat Room Cage Match 2009.

poor 'scilla can't get her legs to work quite right to scamper up under the cages as fast as Scraggs. She just waits for him to come back out. . .


Newt, Scraggs, and some Talented Sheep

Here's Newt. Sorry this is a tad blurry. 6 week old Lab in for his puppy vaccination.

Then we have more Scraggley photos from yesterday.

Chillin' with the neighbors.

Just realized that someone lives in the apartment below.

"How YOU Doin'?", said in his best Joey from Friends voice.

Priscilla checks out that "suspicious foot" hanging from the penthouse above, just seconds before it comes flying by. Fast towards the floor.

and lastly, the best video I think I have seen in awhile. It's worth sharing so I am passing it along. I hadn't seen it before, maybe you haven't either.

I might soon have enough cats to attempt this myself . . . . *sigh*. The dogcatcher stopped by yesterday and he has 5-6 kittens looking for homes, for several weeks, so it looks like I stuck with Scraggs for awhile. *sigh again*

Enjoy the Sheep.



after bath.

I'd bet my Sister-In-Law wished my nephews cleaned up this well. . . .


Anyone want Scraggly?

You can even change his name to Scruffy, Scrawney, or Stringbean (skinny like a stringbean).

I went outside a few minutes ago, to put something in my truck, and heard "meow, meow" in a sort of squeaky tone. And thought, "Lovely". I found Goober here hiding over by the air conditioner unit. While there are a few wild cats around that no one can catch, this guy isn't afraid of anyone.

I put flea stuff on him for the ear mites and fleas. I will probably bathe him tomorrow so he'll be looking a little more presentable. Not sure what to do with him. I'll probably call the pound tomorrow, and see if they can take him. I can post his pic on petfinder in the mean time.

He's solid white, except for a gray tail. Sort of an unusual color pattern.

You can hear him purring in the video.


A donate painting to help fight Cancer

I have donated my Calla Lilies on Blue painting to a fundraiser that starts tomorrow. All of the proceeds go to an artist fighting breast cancer to pay for chemotherapy. The sale starts tomorrow at 10 am central time and runs for 5 days. Items start at $100 and drop a little each day. Down to $50.

To find out the details, go here- Hearts for Anna


Buster- Parvo Puppy

This is Buster. He came in on Thursday with Parvo, and stayed until yesterday.

12-14 weeks old, Lab Puppy.

I shot these photos on Saturday. And while he looks a bit depressed in the photos, he was beginning to feel better, and went home yesterday.

I am also having problems with my digital camera focusing on the subject. Not sure if it's a setting is off or what is wrong with it.

It focused fine when I hand held it to take this macro shot.

That isn't poop, btw. (I know that's what you were thinking.) It's a soft chewy lean treat that I was hiding the tamiflu in. Tamiflu apparently is terribly bitter tasting. So I've gotten creative trying to hide it.

This short video of Buster was shot with the same camera, so not sure what its problem is.
I am going to be sad if it conks out on me.

PS. Get those puppies vaccinated ASAP!


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