Newt, Scraggs, and some Talented Sheep

Here's Newt. Sorry this is a tad blurry. 6 week old Lab in for his puppy vaccination.

Then we have more Scraggley photos from yesterday.

Chillin' with the neighbors.

Just realized that someone lives in the apartment below.

"How YOU Doin'?", said in his best Joey from Friends voice.

Priscilla checks out that "suspicious foot" hanging from the penthouse above, just seconds before it comes flying by. Fast towards the floor.

and lastly, the best video I think I have seen in awhile. It's worth sharing so I am passing it along. I hadn't seen it before, maybe you haven't either.

I might soon have enough cats to attempt this myself . . . . *sigh*. The dogcatcher stopped by yesterday and he has 5-6 kittens looking for homes, for several weeks, so it looks like I stuck with Scraggs for awhile. *sigh again*

Enjoy the Sheep.


Jill in Mass. said...

Hi Andy~~I'm the NE Arts for Animals Jill. I love these photos of this kitty and your comments--and the sheep video is really funny!

JustJaynes said...

Great pics and awesome video!!


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