Jeb- Bloodhound Puppy

Jeb came in for his puppy vaccinations yesterday.  14 weeks old. 34 pounds. Big feet.  Yeah, he has eyes under there somewhere.

3 more photos in his Flickr set.


It was a Wrasslin' Kind of Sunday

Yesterday . . . . . .  we had more Wrasslin' going on.  
Ginger, Jimmy and Daisy- Wrasslin' 03/25/12 from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.

And after that, everyone went out for their afternoon walk. Ginger had new head shots made in the late afternoon sun. She laid down in the grass, and I was able to zoom in on her with the telephoto lens. I love these two photos. Can she be any more adoptable?

You can see the whole set here at Flickr. 


This Video Will Do Your Heart Good

This video came to my attention today and it is too good to not share.  A little blind stray dog was rescued off the street, had cataract surgery to restore her sight, and then adopted into a permanent home.   It'll make you smile and cry at the same time.  Such an amazing transformation and story.

Watch the video at this link.


The Latest

The weather was perfect here over the weekend.  Bert even wanted to take a siesta at 9:30 am in the grass.  Problem was, while he was lounging away,  3 others were waiting for him to get through with his business, so they could attend to their own.   So to get him to move, I had to promise to take him out later to nap in the sun.  Which he seemed to appreciate. 

I tried to get a better photo of Bert for his petfinder page. Still working on that one.  He won't look in the camera so I assume that he is part Amish.
You can see the whole set here at Flickr.

Jimmy got a Bath on Friday.  Probably his first one ever.  More bath photos are here on Flickr.

The he got his photo taken later.

I love this Photo.
 More photos in this Flickr set. 

Lucky and Maybelline napped in the afternoon Sunbeams. Dragging those cat beds around like a respectful cat owner . . .I am.   More photos here at Flickr.  

And most fun of all-  everyone was feeling frisky with Spring Fever so we had a wrasslin' match on Saturday morning. 

Saturday Mornin' Wrasslin'- 03/10/12 from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.

So that about sums up the weekend.

Yeah, I have no life, I know.


Jimmy got his first bath today

He was okay with the washing part.  Wasn't a fan of the power blow dryer or dryer cage.  So he dried naturally most of the afternoon.  You know- as to not get split ends, or something.

Here is the whole set of photos on Flickr.

I don't think I shared his video from last Friday when he was outside, so here it is.

Jimmy from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.

Have a nice weekend. And if you are in  the US, other than Arizona, I think, don't forget to set your clocks forward Sat. night.


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