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The weather was perfect here over the weekend.  Bert even wanted to take a siesta at 9:30 am in the grass.  Problem was, while he was lounging away,  3 others were waiting for him to get through with his business, so they could attend to their own.   So to get him to move, I had to promise to take him out later to nap in the sun.  Which he seemed to appreciate. 

I tried to get a better photo of Bert for his petfinder page. Still working on that one.  He won't look in the camera so I assume that he is part Amish.
You can see the whole set here at Flickr.

Jimmy got a Bath on Friday.  Probably his first one ever.  More bath photos are here on Flickr.

The he got his photo taken later.

I love this Photo.
 More photos in this Flickr set. 

Lucky and Maybelline napped in the afternoon Sunbeams. Dragging those cat beds around like a respectful cat owner . . .I am.   More photos here at Flickr.  

And most fun of all-  everyone was feeling frisky with Spring Fever so we had a wrasslin' match on Saturday morning. 

Saturday Mornin' Wrasslin'- 03/10/12 from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.

So that about sums up the weekend.

Yeah, I have no life, I know.


MC NJ said...

WOW! Just watched the video from Sat 3/10 w/jimmy & Ginger, AMAZING!!!! I have tears watching this. Has Shane Smith seen this video???? It is truly amazing, you are a miracle worker! I couldn't even believe it was Jimmy! Wagging & playing..... You are wonderful :)

BowserFan said...

Dr Andy, you have the BEST life! Thanks for saving these wonderful animals and giving them such loving care.

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks Bowser. They are a lot of fun, I just hope that I can find them a home soon.


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