Look at this Doll Baby. Lilly.

Meet Lilly.

She and two siblings were found in a box next to the highway, in front of a house.   The two siblings were rehomed and the family is keeping this girl.  3 lbs.  She reminds me of a Chihuahua Beagle Mix, for some reason.  Or part Dachshund.

It'll be interesting to see how she grows up and what she blossoms into.  Such a cutie. I was tempted to steal her myself.

If you want to peek at her photos, they are in a Flickr set here. 

Have a nice weekend everybody. And safe travels if you are vacationing over the 4th.  Oh, and keep an eye on the pets with the 4th of July festivities.   More dogs and cats get lost on 4th of July than all the other days, as they get spooked by the fireworks and take off.  Make sure they have a collar, or microchip, or both.


Upgraded Version of Granite Hills iPhone / iPad App and Daneville 2013.

Yes, it's true.   The updated version of Granite Hills App is available, if you haven't noticed.  It has a few more links than the first version.  Information links that I think you'll find helpful and useful.

You can challenge someone to a game of Tic Tac Toe.  One person can be Lucky and the other Priscilla.

There is a screen of websites and social media sites. You can browse photos and information till the cows come home. Or your battery dies. Whichever comes first.

I have to update the Android version, and will get around to it shortly.   Most of it will be the same on the Android version, except there is no Lucky vs. Priscilla on the Android version.
Oh, and if you are local and looking for something to do this weekend,  there is a Great Dane Festival on Plantation Road.   

DANEVILLE  2013.  

Saturday and Sunday-  10 AM -ish to 5 PM- ish.  Anyone is welcome.  Any dogs are welcome as long as they are friendly and are on a leash.   1288 Plantation Road.  Plantation Road is a few miles out of Elberton, off Hartwell Highway.

If you want  to GPS the location-  1288 Plantation Road,  Elberton, Ga 30635

They are having a fundraising auction, benefitingGreat Dane Rescue.  Along with T-shirt sales, and  Photos taken of your Pet.    If you have ever tried to photograph your own pets, you know how difficult that is, so it might be worth a trip just to have someone else take the photos.    All proceeds going to Great Dane Rescue.


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