Chloe- King Charles Spaniel

This little girl came in for her last puppy vaccination yesterday afternoon. 4 1/2 months old, King Charles Spaniel. Santa delivered her under the tree.

Here at the office, she's very quiet and shy. Shaking when she gets in the door. Doesn't make a peep of a sound. At home, though, they said she barks and carries on like a puppy. She did perk up and want to play a little when Jethro wandered into the exam room.


Priscilla Today

Well, Miss Priscilla is officially up for adoption this evening. I uploaded her information, photos, links, videos, etc. to Petfinder. It takes a few hours or a day for her to show up in the system.

It appears in the photo above that Carrie is supporting her back legs. But she is really just keeping her still for the photo. Her legs work fine, but she is going to have to be an outside cat, I think.

If you want to see all her photos together on one page, click on this link to see all three blog posts on 1 page. Notice how much she's grown in a month from her 1st photos.

Alex, I'll take who has Parvo this week.

and the question is- Who is Sally Ann?

Sally Ann is a 10-12 month old terrier(?) mix. She's actually very lucky in that she isn't very sick. This was taken yesterday afternoon, and she was a little depressed. But is feeling better today, and even eating a little. Probably will go home tomorrow.

You should be able to click on the photos and they will enlarge.

(Get those puppy shots, peoples!!!)

I can relate to this. . . .

soooo, it's not just me.

(I happen to be searching for something at I Can Has Cheezburger. ) This made me giggle just a little.



Look at this little puff ball of cuteness that rolled in today. 9 weeks old Australian Shepherd named Ellie. We'll call her Ellie Doe to protect her identity.

And just like regular jail we'll take a few pictures.
Look to your right, Ms. Doe. *click* Thank you.

And now Look to you left, Ms. Doe. *click* Thank you.

And now how about straight ahead. *click* Thank you.

She is in today for her puppy vaccination.


Lucky- Pomeranian Puppy

Here's Lucky. All 2 lbs. of him.

He came in Monday with a history of diarrhea for the previous week. And it wasn't getting any better. So we put him in the hospital to try and figure out what caused the diarrhea, and how to "fix" it.

On Tuesday morning, he was really out of it. Even with a heat lamp and hot water bottles, his temp had dropped to 90º degrees. And that is way too low. I know some folks reading my blog are from Australia, where they are experiencing a record heatwave. And they are whining about the heat and humidity, being able to grill burgers on the pavement, the steering wheel melting in their car, and their hair going frizzy. And they are probably thinking, "Man, I would love for my body temperature to be 90º degrees for a few . . . . . "

But No. No you don't. Things quit working when that happens. But I digress.

So Tuesday, Lucky was out of it most of the day. Really out of it. I suspect his electrolytes and blood sugar were off because the diarrhea and dehydration. So he got treated for everything. With everything.
His temperature came back up, and he was able to sit up a little by Tuesday afternoon. That's when these photos and video were taken. Lucky seemed to be looking around, wondering, "What happened? Where have I been?"

Wednesday- He was a little livelier and the diarrhea was starting to slow down as well. I got him to eat a little chicken baby food. I caught him catching some rays under the heat lamp. Such the life of luxury.

Here he is today.
(The dog you hear whining in the background is Boss. He's going home today as well)


Parvo/ puppy vaccines- Boss- pit bull puppy

This is Boss, a 4 month old pit bull puppy. Who had parvo over the weekend. He's better now, probably going home today, but he was really depressed for a few days. as you can see from his photos. These were from Friday when he came in.
He's very quiet and shy so it's sometimes difficult to judge if he feels bad, or if that's just his nature. He got one vaccination as a little puppy, but missed the next 3.

So he began treatment on Friday- antibiotics, fluids to replace those lost to the diarrhea, something for the vomiting, and tamiflu.

Now, I realize that some would say, "We don't want to read or hear about diarrhea, parvo, and sick puppies". And I understand that position. However, if Boss's story prevents only 1 other puppy from suffering then you can certainly endure a few sad puppy photos. The post titles show up in google searches, so people searching for information on parvo, will find this post.

Saturday- Boss was about the same. No better. No worse. Still had the projectile diarrhea.
Parvo is such fun to clean up after.

Sunday was his worse day. Really depressed. Starting to get that "I give up" look in his eye.
I even called his owner to come in and visit with him as I was concerned. He was also starting to spike a little fever.

More fluids, more antibiotics, more Tamiflu- which according to Boss, tastes like crap. Doesn't like having to choke down the Tamiflu.

These photos were from Sunday.

Here Boss is getting his fluids subcutaneously. Sometimes I'll put in an IV catheter and run them intravenously. Sometimes not. It depends on the situation. I worry about having IV drips in, when the pet isn't supervised around the clock, where the line can get kinked, chewed out, too much fluids, etc. Subcutaneous fluids puts the fluids under the skin, and they can absorb what they need over time. That large bubble over his shoulders is fluids. It's like Boss impersonates the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

After his fluids, "relaxing" on a towel waiting for his owners to visit.

Monday, he was feeling better despite having more diarrhea Monday morning. Still not eating, but better.

And this little video I shot Tuesday night shows him more improved. Just starting to be interested in food again. He'll probably go home today. (Wed- 2/18)

(Jethro heard the treat bag rattle. Nothing wrong with the old dog's hearing)

I asked Boss if he had any words of wisdom for the readers out there. He said, "Make sure you get those puppy vaccinations. Tamiflu sucks rotten eggs. (But it probably saved my life.) Woof! Woof!" *High Fives all around*

And I say, "If you get a puppy, get it vaccinated ASAP. If people say it's been vaccinated, or had all it's shots, unless they have a medical record from an animal hospital, get another. It's just too risky, and can be a fatal mistake for your pet. Not to mention, expensive to treat when a $25 puppy vaccination could have prevented all this."


TaaaDaaa- Another one. I know, I know-they are very rare. We haven't seen one in like. . . 12 hours or so. . . .

This little girl came in this afternoon for a puppy shot. 12 weeks old pit bull puppy.

I wish I had put her collar back on her before taking these photos. It was a thin leather collar. With metal studs, lol.

You'll never guess her name. Not in a million years.

Kisses. That's her name. 4 realz.

With a studded collar.


Pac- Pit Bull Puppy

This little guy is boarding this weekend. He's about 4 months old.

and so quiet that you hardly know he's around. . . . . yeah, right!

I let him out his cage this afternoon to stretch his legs and play with Jethro, but, he'd rather play with me. Yay! for muddy footprints all over my trousers.

I guess no one ever died of a little mud. . . . he is sort of cute.


Roxie and Tillie- Boston Terriers

Some friends of mine have an older Boston Terrier named Roxie. Roxie is a little over 11 years old. Roxie is quite the special little dog. Her one flaw might be that she thinks she's bigger than every other dog out there, and wants to attack them, with no consideration for size of the other animal. So, yeah, she's a little mental in that respect.

So, Roxie's owners decided to get a puppy since Roxie is getting on up there. They got Tillie about 5-6 weeks ago.

And I have been BEGGING for photos of them together (Roxie and Tillie) ever since. She did send this one of Tillie a month ago.

So Photos FINALLY arrived in my email today. FINALLY, lol. And it's a good thing as I was contemplating road trip to take my own photos. . . . and maybe steal Tillie while I was there. I was having back and forth issues about the latter. . . but I digress. . . .

Just ate up with cuteness.


Last Weekend, it was 18 degrees or something like that. . .

today it's 74 degrees outside.

While wallking Dharma, a Walker Hound, outside yesterday afternoon, I spotted something yellow shining off in the distance.

Wild Daffodils were blooming behind the office, in the edge of the woods.

Happy Spring (?!?) Everyone.


Ginger and Drake

These two came in yesterday for their puppy vaccinations.

No one knows any details on Ms. Ginger. 4 1/2 months old. Looks like she might have some German Shepherd in her, but she's tiny for GS puppy. Weighs about 24 lbs now.

She was found when she was about 4-6 weeks old (guesstimated) all by her lonesome out in the middle of nowhere. A couple found her while they were out hunting. They took her home as she appeared to be dumped. They were afraid a hawk might get her as well, being so small.

And this is Drake. 11 1/2 weeks old Lab. He too came in yesterday for his puppy vaccination.

His Mom swears she's going to sell him for a dollar if he doesn't quit pee-peeing on the floor. He can hold his urine all night, but when you go to let him out of his crate in the morning . . . you hear this sound. . . . pssssssssssss. And there's the river.

He just needs a cork.

I thought I had posted a photo of him before, but I was confused. This was him 3 weeks ago. He's growing fast.


Lola and LaLa

Here's Lola and LaLa, two Weimaraner Mix sisters. They are about 9 1/2 weeks old, 16 lbs each.

First, guess what age demographic the person was who named them? If you said young, very young, you would be correct.

They came in 3 weeks ago, but I was busy, and couldn't get their photo. So today, while back in for a puppy vaccination, they had a few seconds for a photo opportunity. And we got 1 "okay" photo, and the rest were like below.


Priscilla Update 2/3/09

I have gotten a few emails the past few days asking about Priscilla. Okay, maybe more than just a few, lol.

She continues to improve and doesn't knuckle under her feet like last week. Even started climbing up the bars on her cage door. She's still a little incontinent, not totally though. She might be a special needs kitty. Might have to live outside, where urine leakage isn't quite an issue vs. inside. Or have to have her bladder expressed once or twice a day to keep her from getting a urinary tract infection. But that is easy to do, and she doesn't object to it. I am still hopeful it will improve as well.

So, as to not make her adoring fans wait any longer. . . .
Video #1-

and Video #2-


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