Priscilla Update 2/3/09

I have gotten a few emails the past few days asking about Priscilla. Okay, maybe more than just a few, lol.

She continues to improve and doesn't knuckle under her feet like last week. Even started climbing up the bars on her cage door. She's still a little incontinent, not totally though. She might be a special needs kitty. Might have to live outside, where urine leakage isn't quite an issue vs. inside. Or have to have her bladder expressed once or twice a day to keep her from getting a urinary tract infection. But that is easy to do, and she doesn't object to it. I am still hopeful it will improve as well.

So, as to not make her adoring fans wait any longer. . . .
Video #1-

and Video #2-


NAL said...

Just checked back to see if there was any news on Priscilla - What a treat to see her playing and moving about so much better!

Go Priscilla!

Thanks Andy!


Diane Morgan said...

Awwwwww. Thanks Andy for showing Priscilla's great progress. You are my hero. Great job!

Mishkat said...

Glad to see Priscilla doing so much better - I hope she continues to improve. She's a beautiful cat. Thanks again for rescuing her!

ellie said...

Andy, she is really doing well. Thank you for saving her life.


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