Roxie and Tillie- Boston Terriers

Some friends of mine have an older Boston Terrier named Roxie. Roxie is a little over 11 years old. Roxie is quite the special little dog. Her one flaw might be that she thinks she's bigger than every other dog out there, and wants to attack them, with no consideration for size of the other animal. So, yeah, she's a little mental in that respect.

So, Roxie's owners decided to get a puppy since Roxie is getting on up there. They got Tillie about 5-6 weeks ago.

And I have been BEGGING for photos of them together (Roxie and Tillie) ever since. She did send this one of Tillie a month ago.

So Photos FINALLY arrived in my email today. FINALLY, lol. And it's a good thing as I was contemplating road trip to take my own photos. . . . and maybe steal Tillie while I was there. I was having back and forth issues about the latter. . . but I digress. . . .

Just ate up with cuteness.

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