Ginger and Drake

These two came in yesterday for their puppy vaccinations.

No one knows any details on Ms. Ginger. 4 1/2 months old. Looks like she might have some German Shepherd in her, but she's tiny for GS puppy. Weighs about 24 lbs now.

She was found when she was about 4-6 weeks old (guesstimated) all by her lonesome out in the middle of nowhere. A couple found her while they were out hunting. They took her home as she appeared to be dumped. They were afraid a hawk might get her as well, being so small.

And this is Drake. 11 1/2 weeks old Lab. He too came in yesterday for his puppy vaccination.

His Mom swears she's going to sell him for a dollar if he doesn't quit pee-peeing on the floor. He can hold his urine all night, but when you go to let him out of his crate in the morning . . . you hear this sound. . . . pssssssssssss. And there's the river.

He just needs a cork.

I thought I had posted a photo of him before, but I was confused. This was him 3 weeks ago. He's growing fast.


Anonymous said...

Very adorable!! I think Drake has a future in show biz:)

artbyakiko said...

Ginger and Drake are both so adorable! It must be tough for the dogs to have to learn to adjust to people's schedule. :(


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