Atlanta Art Licensing Group Postcards

These arrived this week also. Our postcards announcing Atlanta Art Licensing Group.

Cat Coaster Sample Arrived from Highland Graphics

Samples of Cat Coasters
Originally uploaded by AndyMathis
This is the sample of my Cat Coasters. The color doesn't look too bad on my monitor, but in real life, yikes!

Blue-Grey tabby cat is green. Alien Green.

I have been sublimating this image onto ceramic tile and it has been very popular. The problem is now that sublimation inks are SO, SO expensive.

Regular inkjet cartridges run about 20-25 for each one. The same cartridges with sublimation ink runs $100 each. When I purchased the heat press back in 2001, the inkset was around $200.

These are not as large, as thick, or as nice as the art tile/ coaster ones that I sublimate. But a set of 4 of these will retail somewhere around $15-20. Rather than $40.

Big difference for a set of coasters.


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