The Yellow Dog Project

Hello all,
While it might appeared that I have died, from the lack of blog posts, it isn't true.  I am still here.

I came across this today and wanted to share it.  It's a simple idea but could be really helpful for lots of dogs.   Some dogs need their space, for whatever reason.  I had a Great Dane as a patient and  kids in public made him nervous.  Especially if the kids were loud, excited to see him, wanted to hug him, or they had some physical challenge or a mental or emotional disability. 

They made him nervous and his owners had to be extra careful with him in public, if they were traveling,  to keep someone from getting bit.

The Yellow Dog Project would have been perfect for him. 
You can visit their webpage here.

Please take a second to share this link with family and friends, especially those with small children,  school teachers, etc.  It might help to keep a child from getting bit.  Or other dogs for that matter, if people know to be careful with their pets around such a dog. 


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