November Show and Little Miss Sunshine Update

My postcards arrived the end of last week. The show dates were changed just a little (October 29 - November 26). The reception is still scheduled for Nov 4th. So be there, or be rectangle.

I tried to get a snapshot of Little Miss Sunshine this morning. But she will not be still long enough to get a pic with my digital camera, inside the building. Blurry!
So I shot a little 15 second video. She began eating on her own on Saturday. No stopping her now.

She had been eating, that's why she's licking her chops.


Little Miss Sunshine- stray kitten

I happened to be at the hospital on Sunday when I intercepted a kitten being dumped at my office.
There aren't many reasons why someone would drive to the vet, on a Sunday, when the office is closed,without an appointment, with a kiten in a box. After talking to the guy, it became obvious that if I didn't take the kitten, Mr. SUV driver would dump her out in the woods, throw her in the river, etc., that sorta thing. Nice.

There is a little 30 second video of the kitten below this post, if you click on this link which will take you to the top of the page.

Little Miss Sunshine- Calico Kitten

Needs a home after being dumped on my doorstep, sort of.


Postcards from the Ledge- Asheville, NC

My calla lilies painting is being submitted to Asheville's fund-raiser "Postcards from the Ledge". Sponsored by the city's Public Art Board. Small paintings are sold at an event. But there is a twist- the artist isn't revealed to the purchaser until after the item is bought.

Here's the link.


Calla Lilies on Blue- watercolor on Yupo board

I like calla lilies. I also like the colors of this painting- smokey grey blue, white, with touches of green, yellow, brown, and purple. It's watercolor on yupo board, 5x7 inches.

I am sending this to "Postcards from the Ledge" a fundraiser for public art in Asheville, NC.


I Can Has Cheezburger

This site makes me laugh. I found it a few weeks ago and need to bookmark it. We've seen those moments, and you know that is what they are thinking. The image, the caption- LOL.

Visit the site by clicking on the image below.



Relaxing with the Times- watercolor on Yupo

Who knew Cats love doing the crossword puzzle?

The model of this painting is Lily, whose path I crossed 2 days ago. At home, Lily is a sweet, playful kitten/cat. On this particular day, she turned into the cat from Stephen King's novel, Pet Semetary. Growling, Spitting, Hissing.

All because of a toe nail trim. That's all. No surgery, no temperature taking, no probing, no cleaning her ear, etc. Just a toe nail trim.
Her Mom doesn't know, until now, that this has been painted. (PS- I owe you a print)

5x7 varnished watercolor on Yupo board. Listed on ebay.
Click here to bid.


Leon- watercolor on Yupo , approx 5 x 7 inches

Leon is one of my hospital cats. I did a painting of him 10 years ago that hangs in the office. That painting won an honorable mention, and a big easel, in the 1999 Watercolor Society of Houston Show.

I decided to paint that image again, 10 years later. Just smaller and on Yupo.
Double matted with the backing board and acrylic to fit a 11 x 14 frame.
$95. Will be $150 at the November show once it's framed.


Cat Nap Deux- Watercolor on Yupo

There is something so peaceful about watching cats, or dogs, snooze in the sun.

I repainted this painting for my November show. Just larger than the first one. This one is approx 8 x 10 inches. It will be double matted and framed.


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