November Show and Little Miss Sunshine Update

My postcards arrived the end of last week. The show dates were changed just a little (October 29 - November 26). The reception is still scheduled for Nov 4th. So be there, or be rectangle.

I tried to get a snapshot of Little Miss Sunshine this morning. But she will not be still long enough to get a pic with my digital camera, inside the building. Blurry!
So I shot a little 15 second video. She began eating on her own on Saturday. No stopping her now.

She had been eating, that's why she's licking her chops.


Katie said...

So glad Little Miss Sunshine is eating now. She is really cute with gorgeous markings - she'll be a beautiful cat. I hope you find her a wonderful home (shouldn't be hard!).

Oh, and the postcards are great too :). (I mean that!)

Carolyn said...

Little Miss Sunshine is a darling kitten, Andy. Love her pretty. I know you will find her a new home soon, though I would not be surprised to hear that she has joined Maybelline and the rest of the gang at the clinic!

Good luck with your show.

Shreveport, La

letitiah said...

I wish you the best of luck in finding this cutie a great home!

Angela said...

Oh. My. God. I don't even really like cats and I LOVE Little Miss Sunshine!


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