Parvo/ puppy vaccines- Boss- pit bull puppy

This is Boss, a 4 month old pit bull puppy. Who had parvo over the weekend. He's better now, probably going home today, but he was really depressed for a few days. as you can see from his photos. These were from Friday when he came in.
He's very quiet and shy so it's sometimes difficult to judge if he feels bad, or if that's just his nature. He got one vaccination as a little puppy, but missed the next 3.

So he began treatment on Friday- antibiotics, fluids to replace those lost to the diarrhea, something for the vomiting, and tamiflu.

Now, I realize that some would say, "We don't want to read or hear about diarrhea, parvo, and sick puppies". And I understand that position. However, if Boss's story prevents only 1 other puppy from suffering then you can certainly endure a few sad puppy photos. The post titles show up in google searches, so people searching for information on parvo, will find this post.

Saturday- Boss was about the same. No better. No worse. Still had the projectile diarrhea.
Parvo is such fun to clean up after.

Sunday was his worse day. Really depressed. Starting to get that "I give up" look in his eye.
I even called his owner to come in and visit with him as I was concerned. He was also starting to spike a little fever.

More fluids, more antibiotics, more Tamiflu- which according to Boss, tastes like crap. Doesn't like having to choke down the Tamiflu.

These photos were from Sunday.

Here Boss is getting his fluids subcutaneously. Sometimes I'll put in an IV catheter and run them intravenously. Sometimes not. It depends on the situation. I worry about having IV drips in, when the pet isn't supervised around the clock, where the line can get kinked, chewed out, too much fluids, etc. Subcutaneous fluids puts the fluids under the skin, and they can absorb what they need over time. That large bubble over his shoulders is fluids. It's like Boss impersonates the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

After his fluids, "relaxing" on a towel waiting for his owners to visit.

Monday, he was feeling better despite having more diarrhea Monday morning. Still not eating, but better.

And this little video I shot Tuesday night shows him more improved. Just starting to be interested in food again. He'll probably go home today. (Wed- 2/18)

(Jethro heard the treat bag rattle. Nothing wrong with the old dog's hearing)

I asked Boss if he had any words of wisdom for the readers out there. He said, "Make sure you get those puppy vaccinations. Tamiflu sucks rotten eggs. (But it probably saved my life.) Woof! Woof!" *High Fives all around*

And I say, "If you get a puppy, get it vaccinated ASAP. If people say it's been vaccinated, or had all it's shots, unless they have a medical record from an animal hospital, get another. It's just too risky, and can be a fatal mistake for your pet. Not to mention, expensive to treat when a $25 puppy vaccination could have prevented all this."


ofifteen said...

Beautiful puppy, I love Pit Bulls, such loyal and sweet dogs, I used to have one and she was the best!

'designing your life'

The Clever Pup said...

We had a puppy die of Parvo almost 2 years ago. A yellow Lab. We got her from a reputable breeder but she either caught it from a visitor to the kennel after being weened or there was just something wrong with her vaccination.

She couldn't keep anything down and pooped out her intestinal lining.

After she died, which was for the best, we had to wait 6 months before getting another pup.

We've had Jersey for 18 months now. She's beautiful, happy and healthy.

Andy Mathis said...

Occassionally, you will see a break in a vaccination schedule, but I think I've only seen it twice. It was Rottweiler puppies, and the owner apparently lived in an area that was a hot bed of virus, as puppies would get it even staying on schedule. After the second one, we suggested that he not bring another Rott puppy home until it had completed it's entire vaccination schedule away from his house and yard.

The virus is everywhere- soil, water.

You can also sometimes have problems with maternal antibodies interfering with the vacccine. But most of my parvo cases, are either way behind on their shots, not getting shots at all, or getting vaccinated from the feedstore, where you have no idea if the vaccines have been handled properly or not.

Jethro, my dog in the video, had parvo before I adopted him. That's sort of how he ended up with me.

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Oh I am so happy that this little one made it through OK. Poor Baby! Of all the things I see, working at a Vets Office, I think Parvo Virus tears me up the worse. So much suffering & almost always the victims are just babies. Thank You for educating people about this awful deadly virus, and encouraging getting those crucial vaccinations.


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