Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have been too busy to paint over the last few days, with the holiday and all.
However, I wanted to share a special promotion going on today only at Zazzle.
Zazzle has added lots of cool products to their line. Art Helping Animals has opened a store on the site, with royalties going to the aha charities.

Today only, Zazzle is having a special on their custom postage. $17.99 is marked down to $9.99, with free shipping, but only until midnight.
Follow the link here- Zazzle/Art Helping Animals - to find the AHA store and click on the postage link on the right.

We will be adding more products and images, so check back, but I wanted to let you know about the deal of the day.


Pretty Girl on Yupo- charity listing for Tabby's Place (click to bid)

Here's my latest daily painting. Its 5 x 7 inches on yupo board, sealed with acrylic varnish and can be framed similar to an oil or acrylic painting. Listed as a charity listing for Tabby's Place. I spent way too long working on this one.

Don't forget that many of these animal charities could use your help, if you happen to be looking for end of the year charity donations. Even if you can't adopt an animal, many animals can be sponsored while they are in foster care. One that I feel very strongly about is Old Dog Haven, as their animals often require medications that younger dogs wouldn't need.


Deja Vu- another yupo painting, same tulip

No not seeing double or anything- I decided to paint this one again.
varnished watercolor on yupo,5x7 inches


White Tulip on Yupo and my calendar is available

Mini watercolor/acrylic varnish on yupo board, 5x7 inches. Will be listed later today as a charity listing for Willing Hearts Dalmation Rescue. Click here to visit their site.
Click here to bid.
My 2007 Calendar is available at Click here
If you want an autographed one, I will put some in the art-agent gallery when they arrive.


Angelique Tulip-daily painting

I needed a break from painting whiskers and eyeballs last night! Angelique tulips are multi-petaled tulips colored with pinks, yellow, and green. This painting has abstract elements and is a mini- 5 x 7 inches on varnished yupo board. Can be framed similar to an oil or acrylic painting.


Dog Face- Yupo- Painting of the Day

I stayed up way too late working on this last night.
varnished watercolor on yupo board, 5x7 in.


Calico in the Sun- Yupo- painting of the day

Will be listed as a charity listing this evening (10 pm est) for Tabby's Place Cat Rescue.
watercolor/acrylic varnish on yupo board, 5 x 7 inches.



Grey Tabby- painting of the day

watercolor/acrylic varnish on yupo board, 6x6 inches, SOLD
This took two evenings of daily paintings to complete- lol.
The ref pic was very dramatic with strong light on one side of the cats face, and deep shadow on the other.


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