Alex, I'll take "Who's got Parvo this Week for $200"

sorry for the partial title that got emailed out a few minutes ago.

This little puppy is parvo puppy of the week. He came in on Tuesday. But is better now, and will probably go home tomorrow. Click on the photos and they will open up.

His littermate came in on Monday night- almost DOA. almost.
This little guy was back on Tuesday. This photo was taken on Wednesday and he was still a little depressed at the time. (He's barking his head off in the kennel at the moment, so he's much improved).

His sister came in yesterday. She's not looking so good, not sure if she's going to make it or not.

Get those puppies vaccinated. It's cheap to prevent, expensive to treat, and even sometimes that isn't enough.


Fleas- It's a wonder more dogs don't go all postal

on their owners. I mean it drives me batty to have one mosquito buzzing around the bedroom at night. Can you imagine thousands? and not being able to get away? Sleep deprived?
That has to be why dogs go to heaven.

This is just a few of the fleas that fell off a dog when I sprayed him with flea spray. This is just one tiny little corner of the table. Poor thing had chewed on his leg so much that it was infected and swollen.

We've seen this a few times this summer. People quit putting flea medication on the dog during the winter, and WHAM! this is what happens.

(Psst- Fleas don't go to Boca Raton for the Winter. I'm just sayin'.)


Meet Laya- Parvo puppy #2

This is Laya. Storm's sister.
On Monday evening, she started being a little depressed. Her owners started her on Tamiflu left over from Storm. Tuesday was okay. Wednesday was vomiting, nauseated, and a little dehydrated . So she camped out here at Club Pet for the evening with fluids, antibiotics, anti-emetic medication. Thursday she was feeling better, started eating a little, and actually did go home last evening. I haven't heard from her this morning, so I assume she is doing okay today as well.

You can't predict who will survive parvo and who won't. We've seen dogs look deathly ill for days, and they do finally get over it. Others develop this "I give up" look in their eye and they don't make it. Jethro had parvo as a puppy, which is sort of how I acquired him.

I also had another puppy, with a history of no vaccines, come in yesterday, who was positive on his parvo test.


Parvo- It's fatal. Get those puppies vaccinated.

Originally uploaded by lunapeace
I found this photo of a dog named Jasper on flickr. He survived parvo according to the comments.

Storm, the border collie mix puppy that I had been treating since Friday, didn't fare so well. I wish I had snapped his photo yesterday- he was playful wagging his tail. I was half expecting him to be well enough to go home today, as he looked so good yesterday.

His sister was vaccinated on Friday, and so far, hasn't gotten sick yet.

This morning, not so good. He started vomiting more during the night, and was depressed. Fluids. Medications given. His temperature was still normal. Tonight, more depressed, temp shot up to 106. More meds. Something to try and bring down the fever.

All I could do was pet the little guy. I wonder if it was comforting to him that he didn't die alone.

Storm- time of death- 11:05 pm.

I can only hope that people read this and remember to get puppies vaccinated. It doesn't matter if you think they've been vaccinated, or so and so said they had their vaccines. Get them another one. And as soon as possible. Don't wait a week and say, "I'll get to it next week. . . "

Storm would probably have never gotten sick if he had a $20 puppy vaccination 1-1/2 to 2 weeks ago. Now, I hope his sister doesn't get sick.


More on TarBaby, still looking for a home

A few people have asked about TarBaby. She's a solid black cat. And solid black animals don't photograph all that well for thumbnail images online. They don't appear as soft and cuddly as other colored pets.

So I shot a little video of her. When she was brought in for euthanasia, I wasn't sure if the family was trying to find her a home or not. Now, after talking with them, they are trying to find her a home. So are other clients. This has all happened quite suddenly as her owner's mental health has deteriorating sort of rapidly. The doctors think due to some mini strokes she might be having.

Here's TarBaby.


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