Parvo- It's fatal. Get those puppies vaccinated.

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I found this photo of a dog named Jasper on flickr. He survived parvo according to the comments.

Storm, the border collie mix puppy that I had been treating since Friday, didn't fare so well. I wish I had snapped his photo yesterday- he was playful wagging his tail. I was half expecting him to be well enough to go home today, as he looked so good yesterday.

His sister was vaccinated on Friday, and so far, hasn't gotten sick yet.

This morning, not so good. He started vomiting more during the night, and was depressed. Fluids. Medications given. His temperature was still normal. Tonight, more depressed, temp shot up to 106. More meds. Something to try and bring down the fever.

All I could do was pet the little guy. I wonder if it was comforting to him that he didn't die alone.

Storm- time of death- 11:05 pm.

I can only hope that people read this and remember to get puppies vaccinated. It doesn't matter if you think they've been vaccinated, or so and so said they had their vaccines. Get them another one. And as soon as possible. Don't wait a week and say, "I'll get to it next week. . . "

Storm would probably have never gotten sick if he had a $20 puppy vaccination 1-1/2 to 2 weeks ago. Now, I hope his sister doesn't get sick.

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