Alex, I'll take "Who's got Parvo this Week for $200"

sorry for the partial title that got emailed out a few minutes ago.

This little puppy is parvo puppy of the week. He came in on Tuesday. But is better now, and will probably go home tomorrow. Click on the photos and they will open up.

His littermate came in on Monday night- almost DOA. almost.
This little guy was back on Tuesday. This photo was taken on Wednesday and he was still a little depressed at the time. (He's barking his head off in the kennel at the moment, so he's much improved).

His sister came in yesterday. She's not looking so good, not sure if she's going to make it or not.

Get those puppies vaccinated. It's cheap to prevent, expensive to treat, and even sometimes that isn't enough.


sherry said...

Andy, he's so cute. I can't understand how people can have pets and not take care of them?

stilettoheights said...

oh this breaks my heart into a million pieces.

It should be illegal to not have them vaccinated for Parvo!!!

GumballGrenade said...

Oh my gosh this puppy looks just like my Marzy, he's a Coton De Tulear, a rare breed! It breaks my heart that care is not taken when dealing with something as aweful as parvo! Cuddles and love out to that little one!


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