Perhaps, I'll put

Lucky and Priscilla in charge of cleaning the food bowls. 

Have a nice weekend.


Sunday's Wrestling Event

This is the video I put together from Sunday's wresting footage.  Notice how crabby Miss Daisy was being.   She was snapping at Jimmy, and didn't want to play much with Jimmy, but notice that she also didn't want Ginger to play with him either.  

 I  put her back in her cage for a little timeout.  In the middle, you see her back in jail.  Ginger, I think, wanted to play but was too worried about Daisy jumping on her.

Notice how Daisy challenges Jimmy and Ginger to take away the cotton from her, at the end of the video. And how she quickly snatches the little piece that lands by Ginger.   Miss Daisy "Leona Helmsley" Mathis


A painting of Mitch

One of my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE animal charities is Old Dog Haven in Washington State. You've heard me talk about them before.  They rescue older pets from shelters and put them in fosters homes to be adopted, or for the really old or sick, hospice homes or what they call final refuge homes.

One of their ambassadors is a dog named Solomon.  You can find him on Facebook by searching for his name.  He likes howling at firetrucks, drinking out of buckets, and chewing up car interiors.

Well, Solomon lives with another dog named Mitch, a black lab.  A few weeks, maybe months ago, I asked about painting Mitch from a photo they posted.  They said sure, that was fine, so I started a painting, and it sat on my painting table for several weeks. 

This week I read about one of the ODH foster dogs, named Bubbles, who has torn the ligaments in his knee and needs surgery.  Knee surgery isn't inexpensive.

This is Bubbles.

Since I took in 4 rescue dogs to foster back in November, any extra cash I have goes towards buying dog food for them (the hungry beasties).  So I finished up Mitch's painting, and will be selling the prints, with part of the proceeds going to Bubbles fund with Old Dog Haven.   The prints sell for $20 and $5 of that goes to Bubbles.  (25% if my math is correct). 

The print is signed. Printed on Ultra Premium Photo Paper with Pigmented Ink.  Image size is approx 5 x 7 inches.  Paper size 8.5 x 11 inches.  $20.  

Ships in a flat rate priority envelope.  For international shipping, ask, as I will need to check into that for you, depending on your location. 

Print of Mitch- $20 plus $5 shipping

Mitch- Original Painting  $95 plus $7 shipping (domestic)
email for international shipping rate


Zazzle Sale on Postage today only.

Ola as Dora would say. 

From time to time,  Zazzle puts their postage sheets on sale.  (Do you get their newsletter? It's worth subscribing, imo)   $8 off with the coupon code  "AprilPostage" but only until midnight tonight PST.

I have some with artwork on there-*

For comparison,  20 first class stamps would cost $9 at the post office.   20 first class stamps at Zazzle, with the coupon is 11-13 something.  So it's a pretty good deal. 


Ginger out in the Daisies

The daisies are blooming in front of the office, so Ginger went out to see if we could get a new photo for her adopt a pet page.

A few of these turned out.  You can find the whole Flickr set here.


Wrestling. And on a Wednesday.

Ginger, Daisy, and Jimmy were loose in the kennel yesterday afternoon. Of course, that leads to wrasslin'.


Everyone out for their evening walk

Rosie, Bert, Ginger, Jimmy and Daisy all went out for their evening walk.  Evening before last.  Get a few mosquito and tick bites, and it will be like you are right there.

This is what I do once a day . . . sometimes twice . . . . I should be high school skinny soon . . . or have Lyme's disease from tick bites. Good thing I know a doctor who can get me some doxycycline.


Jimmy and his Glamour Shots

So last week, I was trying to get better (more adoptable) photos of Bert and Rosie for their petfinder page, and their adopt-a-pet page.  Jimmy was feeling left out.  So he went out one morning for a photoshoot.   A few turned out- I liked this one best.   I was using a telephoto lens so it made the background nice and blurry.

One thing that I wished was better, was to get more light into his eyes.   I liked how Ginger's photos turned out last week, when she was out late in the afternoon.  That golden yellow light really showed off her color and her eyes.  So that afternoon,  I took the camera out for his walk.  It was cloudy, but the sun did come out for a few minutes.  And this is what I got.

You can find both sets at Flickr -  The Morning Photos  and   The Afternoon Photos


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