Jimmy and his Glamour Shots

So last week, I was trying to get better (more adoptable) photos of Bert and Rosie for their petfinder page, and their adopt-a-pet page.  Jimmy was feeling left out.  So he went out one morning for a photoshoot.   A few turned out- I liked this one best.   I was using a telephoto lens so it made the background nice and blurry.

One thing that I wished was better, was to get more light into his eyes.   I liked how Ginger's photos turned out last week, when she was out late in the afternoon.  That golden yellow light really showed off her color and her eyes.  So that afternoon,  I took the camera out for his walk.  It was cloudy, but the sun did come out for a few minutes.  And this is what I got.

You can find both sets at Flickr -  The Morning Photos  and   The Afternoon Photos


Marty said...

I don't think you have any idea how much it means to me to see pictures of Jimmy looking so incredible. I am constantly amazed that he looks so handsome. (Not that I didn't think all of that was hidden in there somewhere!) The amazing work you are doing with these dogs needs to be acknowledged somehow. I was in tears, as many people were, when the pictures of Jimmy were first posted. Everyone wanted to help Jimmy. My guess is that you could still use some help for these guys because their care isn't free!
If there is something that you could use for help could you let me know so I can spread the word? Jimmy's transformation has again moved me to tears - his eyes are so bright and his demeanor so different than when he was cowering and scared!
Thank you Dr. Andy for helping all these animals so much. Your heart is so big and kind!!
(I loved your piece on fleas killing animals too.......)
Marty Jensen

Marty said...

Sorry - the foolish computer kept telling me I was doing everything wrong. Didn't mean to send that 400 times!

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks Marty.

Mostly, they just need sharing to find them a home. I just added them this week to adopt a pet, along with petfinder, so that might help. They all still have heartworms that I haven't treated yet.

I read about some dogs stuck in a rescue/ boarding facility for years. Like 6 years. 8 years. That is way too long, imo.

I was happy to take them in, but that might be my worse fear, that there isn't a home for them. I hate that shelter pets get euthanized for space, but the reality, that I've learned through this experience, is that there just isn't enough homes for everyone.

vic said...

Wow! Jimmy is really looking sharp!


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