Hey everybody, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

I spotted this today and it is too funny to not share.

 I am also working to consolidate my website(s) into one central Wordpress site. Not to worry if you are getting blog updates via email as that will stay the same, it'll just go to wordpress rather than here at blogger.



Grumpy Cat in da House!

Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat was making an appearance at the Atlanta Gift Show at AmericasMart this past week(end).  It isn't often that one gets to have their photo taken with a celebrity.  Most cats would freak out at the crowds of people, but she just sort of ignored everyone.

She has a new line of stuffed toys to debut at the show so you should see them in stores shortly.


Happy Friday

Enjoy your weekend everybody! 

(Shared from the BlueDog page on Facebook) 


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