Sunshine isn't believing that this is another cat.

Look who showed up to Dinner. Rescued from under a tractor and power mower. 6.5 lbs. Probably just a few days old.

3 short little videos at youtube


Surtex Photos

Hello everyone-
I FINALLY got around to unloading the few photos in my digital camera from the Surtex show, 2 weeks ago in NYC.

Here's the booth photos. Most of the booth was artwork by Stella Violano. If you are in her neighborhood during Christmas, you might recognize the life size dancing bears with the Santa hats. Ha,Ha.

Here's the view from my Hotel Window. I stayed at the Skyline Hotel. corner of 49th street and 10th ave.

And a Jethro Update.
Jethro has had 3 chemo treatments, along with his daily (nsaid) medication, one about every 3-4 weeks. This past weekend, Monday, he started feeling bad, very stoic. Like something was bothering him, but it wasn't consistent. We (me, the oncologists, the neurologists) thought it might be his neck, but not sure. His bloodwork is fine. His neck radiographs seem fine as well. And his ultrasound showed that his bladder tumor hasn't changed much since March. It isn't any smaller, it isn't any larger. It's about the same. No one is sure what is making him painful around his head and neck. So he is on pain meds for a few days to see if it helps. He seems better today, but still not back to his old self. Some knew he hasn't been feeling well, others didn't, so there is an official update for all.


Sasha, Maggie, and New Dawn Roses

Sorry to be M.I.A. lately. I have been taking a few photos, but they have been sitting in iphoto waiting for me to get around to editing them.

First one is Sasha. A pit bull puppy that came in last Friday.

She was adopted from the county pound. She's very lucky from what I understand, the rest of her family (parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles) were euthanized at the pound. They were taken from someone breeding them for fighting. That's second hand info,so it might not be true, but if you are looking for a pit bull puppy, you might call the pound and see if any are up for adoption.

Next up is Maggie. She came in yesterday for her checkup.

She might be my oldest canine patient at 15 1/2. (That's about 99 in people years.) She's a bit arthritic but still gets around fairly well with a little arthritis medication. I do cringe just a little when her owner calls on the phone and I recognize her voice, as I know that one day I'll have to put her to sleep. And I'm relieved to hear that she is calling for something else.

The family also had one of Maggie's puppy that I had to put to sleep a year or two ago. They live out in the country, in the woods, and the dogs stayed around. Sometimes in the yard. Sometimes in a kennel with dog houses. Sometimes under their back deck. Garrett was having trouble getting up and around as well.
If you drove up to their house, Garrett would often just bark from under the deck. It was too much trouble and effort to get up and out. So he would just be "guard dog under the deck".

They also didn't realize how scared of thunderstorms Maggie is, until Garrett was gone. Or she wasn't so scared with Garrett around, as she could snuggle up next to him, wherever he happened to be. Once he was gone, they would come home and find blood on the front door, where Maggie had broken her toenails clawing at the front door to try and get in, while they were away at work.

I have snapped a few photos this week of this rosebush next to my driveway.

It's an antique climbing rose, called New Dawn. It's blooming this week with a gazillion blooms. Being an antique variety, it's needs no upkeep other than pruning once or twice a year. It would probably bloom more if I kept it deadheaded. It's really pretty with its light pink blossoms. Notice all the buds in some of the photos waiting to bloom?


The Most Bizarre Tumor Ever

I mentioned this tumor the other day.

If you have been in the waiting room, I have a poster with several photos on it. It's over to the side next to the front window. So if you are sitting there, putting an invoice in the computer, you over hear, "I don't know what that is." or "Is it poop?" or "Is it intestine?", or "Is she having babies?" And it is always about this old photo.

First, let me say, that everything turned out fine for this little dog. The tumor was removed and as far as I know, it didn't return. I haven't seen the clients or the dog in years. This was so bizarre that I referred this to the Teaching Hospital to let a soft tissue surgeon take it off.

There was a note on the appointment book. Dog with a growth on it's leg. The owner was sitting in the waiting room on the bench. And when I looked up, this is what I saw. The dog in 1 hand. And a tumor in the other.

O.M.G. is right.

Now, once you get over the shock, you wonder how long this has been there, and why they let it get so large. The owner and his wife were both, somewhat challenged, let's say, when it came to decisions, reasoning, and problem solving. Concerned about the dog, but just couldn't figure out what to do.

The other issue was that the didn't have a lot of financial resources, so I think that was also the reason they were reluctant to bring the dog to the vet. Until it got this bad.

Because of their financial situation, and the excellent prognosis for this dog with surgery, the majority of their bill at the Teaching Hospital was paid by Sundown Surgery Fund. Sundown Surgery is one of my favorite animal charities. It is a fund set up to cover surgery costs when clients are unable to pay for treatment. The client must qualify, as well as the pet and it's condition. The total bill was around $1500. And they paid in the neighborhood of $250-300. So it worked out well for the dog, and for them. But mostly for the dog.

I don't remember exactly what the histopath said about the tumor. It was a connective tissue something. Benign, but able to get quite large. (obviously). It was attached to the back side of her rear leg, and she dragged it around behind her.

On that piece of paper sitting on the table behind the little dog is a map with directions to the teaching hospital. You have to go here. Now. Stat.

Pretty neat, huh? In a bizarro type way.


More Photos Down Memory Lane

I found more old photos. I am getting good at this hooking up 3 computers, with zip drives, and flash drives all in between.

These are back from 2000. Jethro was a little older than last week photos. I needed a photo for a brochure. Still in my Super Size me phase. I know McDonalds said super sizing was a good value, more food, only a dollar, but I am not so sure. . .

First, we tried outside.

Jethro only wanted to nap in the sunshine. Who could blame him? It's what dogs do.

Then look what happens when I am not around. Is that a CHOKE hold? Is my baby getting beaten senselessly? Anyone got the number for Dept of Family and Children Services?


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