Last Thursday afternoon, I spotted the city animal control truck pulling into the parking lot.  Which is rarely a good thing.  Usually it's me getting hit up for free tranquilizers, free medications, free services, etc.  Which I wouldn't mind helping out if I could, if the City were more amicable to deal with.   There are 2 veterinary hospitals in town, and I am about 5th on the list of hospitals that sees any referral business from them.

The dog catcher brings in a pet carrier, and says, "I need to have this kitten put to sleep. It has an upper respiratory infection."  Which sometimes, respiratory infections can be quite severe-  with eye lesions, corneal ulcerations, infections, etc.  So I look into the carrier expecting to see a really sick kitten. 

Instead, I see a little kitten purring with a slightly weepy eye.  "This kitten doesn't look that ill . . .  how long have you had it?", I ask.   "10-15 minutes", he says.   The look of disappointment and shock and on my face had to be apparent, as he added,  "I have another cat that I can't find a home for . . . I can't be bothered with a kitten."

And I'm thinking to myself,  Yeah, and I can't be bothered euthanizing a kitten just out of convenience on a Thursday.

So I have to  think fast and sort through the options. 
1. Put the kitten to sleep and make the dog catcher happy.
2. Refuse to put the kitten to sleep.  Which I know is gonna end badly for her.
3. Keep the kitten and find it a home when she is better. 

So that is what I did- #3.

Meet Esmerelda.

She got a bath on Friday. Her weepy eye cleared up over the weekend. She was really, really wormy, and got dewormer for 3 days over the weekend.  Flea medication for the ear mites.  She still has a little rattle in her chest, but I am waiting to see if that will clear up on it's own.  Antibiotics won't help if it is viral in origin.   I suspect part of it is malnutrition and the intestinal parasites.  She's been eating great.

Here's her video from Friday.

 Here she is today. You can see how her eye looks better. With about 2 applications of eye ointment.

She'll be up for adoption in a few days.  If you know anyone who wants a grey tabby kitten, with a loud motor, get in touch.   I'll probably put her on petfinder as well.


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