Callie and Allie- from the Chicken Coop

were in for their last vaccinations yesterday.
If you want to see their earlier photos and blog posts, click here.

They wouldn't be still for a photo, so I shot a quick video before the camera batteries died.

When they came in the last time, Callie, the dark calico was turning grey all over, it was the strangest looking thing. This time, her black fur is back on her body, but her tail is still grey. As if it belongs to someone else, haha.

Here's a quick photo of coasters and a bottle stopper top made from the beagle painting.
They turned out quite nice, I think.


A Beagle in Yupo

I was asked last week if I had any bottle stoppers with beagles on them. No, no beagles.
So we emailed back and forth a bit, and they sent a pic to try. It's a good photo, but not the best pet portrait photo as the angle is looking down from above the dog's head. But, nevertheless, it was an interesting photo. And the only beagle photo that she had handy.

Here's the finished painting. 5x7 inches, varnished watercolor on Yupo. I'll list it for sale for one of the dog charities, probably Old Dog Haven.

20% of proceeds goes to Old Dog Haven


A Girl"s Best Friend . . .


10 week old pit bull puppy in for her vaccinations today.

Have a safe weekend, everyone.


Viridian, Is that you? It's me, Kolinsky Sable.

That probably makes no sense to the non-painter. As they are wondering who would name their child Viridian. Or Kolinsky. (Let's hope that no painter considers naming a child pthalo or ochre either.)

Like Margaret talking to God in the Judy Blume book, it has been so long that my paint brushes have seen paint, that they don't even recognize each other. By the way, Kolinsky Sable is the hair that expensive watercolor brushes are made of. I don't have many of those. Viridian is a green color. Just in case, the question comes up in Trivial Pursuit at your next party.

While my painting table was cleaned off this weekend, I decided to paint a little. The photo has been sitting in a folder for 2 years. ??? maybe a bit longer. I painted this guy's "sister" (remember Lily playing in the newspaper) about then, but never gotta 'roundtoit for his painting. Until yesterday.

The reference photo is of P snoozing on a window seat, all backlit and in shadow.

It's a good photo, but not my favorite lighting for a painting. He also sometimes sleep with one eye half opened, an old war injury. So I had to figure out what to do about that. It would look odd in a painting I think, so I closed it.

Penske, 5x7 inches, varnished watercolor on Yupo SOLD

I keep seeing things that I would change or add, but for the most part I am happy with it. Let's see what his Mom says.


The Japanese Judge awards a score of 9.75

for this balancing act. And extra 1/10 of a point was added for the degree of difficulty, and the double sukihari with a twist landing.

Occassionally, I find Sunshine running across the top of the dog cages in the kennel. Mainly to aggravate Daisy. The cages are 6 ft tall. With an open top. The cage bottoms are about 16 inches off the floor to make it easier to clean the kennel.

Just a few minutes ago, I go back there to find Jenny doing a Karl Wallenda.

Did I mention that Jenny weighs 75 lbs. ? No?
Did I mention that Jenny got spayed at lunch today? No?
Did I mention that Jenny is supposed to be resting and relaxing after surgery? No?
Did I mention that Jenny weighs 75 lbs.?

Somebody is spending the rest of the evening in a dryer cage. Closed on all sides.

ps. While you are up there, darling, would you mind cleaning that ceiling fan? Thanks in advance.


Sad. Homeless. Incarcerated.

Dear Peoplez in Blogland,
Pleez send cigarettez , and a parole officer.

Scaggs on Cell Block 3B


Polo Said

to tell ya'll Hi.

Polo was in for his puppy vaccinations today.

6 weeks old pit bull puppy, full of puppy breath.


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