Viridian, Is that you? It's me, Kolinsky Sable.

That probably makes no sense to the non-painter. As they are wondering who would name their child Viridian. Or Kolinsky. (Let's hope that no painter considers naming a child pthalo or ochre either.)

Like Margaret talking to God in the Judy Blume book, it has been so long that my paint brushes have seen paint, that they don't even recognize each other. By the way, Kolinsky Sable is the hair that expensive watercolor brushes are made of. I don't have many of those. Viridian is a green color. Just in case, the question comes up in Trivial Pursuit at your next party.

While my painting table was cleaned off this weekend, I decided to paint a little. The photo has been sitting in a folder for 2 years. ??? maybe a bit longer. I painted this guy's "sister" (remember Lily playing in the newspaper) about then, but never gotta 'roundtoit for his painting. Until yesterday.

The reference photo is of P snoozing on a window seat, all backlit and in shadow.

It's a good photo, but not my favorite lighting for a painting. He also sometimes sleep with one eye half opened, an old war injury. So I had to figure out what to do about that. It would look odd in a painting I think, so I closed it.

Penske, 5x7 inches, varnished watercolor on Yupo SOLD

I keep seeing things that I would change or add, but for the most part I am happy with it. Let's see what his Mom says.


mollie jones said...

Since my orange lady, Baby, looks very much like P, we'll assume that they are in the same family lineage and so his distant cousin says she really loves this painting. Try to find time to paint a few more of others in this family that obviously extends all the way to Texas. Ha!

sharonhimes said...

I am very glad you are back to painting! "P" seems to be enjoying his/her nap and you have that relaxed air in your painting.

We had a trio of orange cats years ago; Peanut, Cookie and Ginger that were probably related to P too.

craftattack said...

Gorgeous pictures, well done!

sue-bubbles said...

A gorgeous kitty and a beautiful painting!
Sue x


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