Miss Fancy

If you remember a long, long, long time ago- in the 1990's- you'd remember my first dog, Jezabelle.   She was old and had to be put to sleep in November 1999 with cancer.   She was little pit mix, white with a patch over part of her face and eye.    She was a pound dog.  The hospital, where I was working at the time,  served as a holding facility for the city animal control officer.    Had a home. Didn't have a home. Tied to a tree. and eventually made her way back to the veterinary hospital, a few months later, only because of her Rabies tag on her collar.

It seemed like it was meant to be, so  I ended up keeping her. 
Below is my business card that I still use today. 

So when I saw this girl below, you know who I immediately thought of. 
This is Fancy.  She is a from a animal shelter on the other side of Athens, about an hour away.  
6 years old.  55 lbs. Obviously has had several litters of puppies. 

She was running out of time and options. So I contacted a local rescue group to foster her for them.
She was surrendered by her owner, so I was told that she is about 6 years old.  For 6 though, she has a rather young spirit and a sweet soul.   She's had a couple of medicated baths for her skin,  and will probably be getting spayed the end of this week or maybe the first of next week. 

If you want to see all her photos, click on these links to see the Flickr sets.  Set 1. Set 2Set 3. 

She'll be going up on Petfinder and Adopt a Pet.


Zorro Needs a Home or Foster Home

This is Zorro.  He was brought in the other day for euthanasia because his hair was matted. There is (was)  too much cat hair in his house according to his owner,  and her landlord.  ( Never mind that there is another cat and a Yorkie dog that live there too. Booooo. )

He's about 12 years old according to the owner.  He went to the vet for his vaccinations 11 years ago.  (Boooo some more.)

Me- Is he sick?
Her- No.
Me- You've lived there for 3 years plus.  Does he have to leave today?
Her-  Yes.
Me- Have your tried to find him another home?
Her- No.
Me- And your other dog and cat is fine to stay there?
After His Haircut
Her- Yes.

Okay, got it.  I'll stop asking questions before I blow a gasket.  

She let me keep him to see if I can re-home him with someone who appreciates him.

He seems like a really quiet cat. Would be perfect for an older person who might not want to deal with the antics of a kitten or a younger cat.  I think he prefers inside.  I am not sure he is happy about living in a cage though, even temporarily, as he hides in his sleeping box, or his litter box.  You find him peeking over the top during the day. If you go in the cat room late at night, when it has been quiet and dark, he is out of the boxes then.

We took his photos the day he arrived, and after he had a haircut to get the matted fur off of him. 
You can more photos on Flickr.   Here or Here.

If someone local would like to foster him, while his photos go up on and Adopt a Pet, that would be fine too. I'll update his booster shots- Feline Leukemia, FVRCP, and his Rabies.
Contact the office and we'll work out the details.


Shelter Pet Magazine

I have been taking a break from blogging for part of the summer.  Working on some other projects.  And not having to much to say. 

One project that came about partly with the passing of Jimmy, and then Bert a monthly later, was thinking about how can more homeless pets find homes.  The internet and social media is great for sharing photos of pets needing a home, but I got to wondering was their more that could be done. 

And what sort of fell into place during June was the idea for a digital magazine on iPad. To help homeless pets find homes, to increase awareness about adoptions, and spay/ neuter to reduce the number of unwanted litters clogging animal shelters.   A magazine not written directly for rescue groups and those involved in animal rescue.  But a magazine that is more mainstream- sort of like a cross between Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guidepost, and photos and videos thrown into the mix. 

Apple Newsstand became available last October and it looks just like a newsstand on your ipad or iphone.   So I shared my idea with a few people to get their opinion,  set how to have an app built, and a preview issue published.  It went live the end of July.  You can find the preview issue in iTunes by clicking this link.

If you don't have an ipad,  you can find a pdf of the preview issue, in a blog post on a new site. I am a Shelter Pet.   It also explains why the issue is only available on iPads.  At least for the time being.

It has been getting 40-60 downloads per day through the App store. And to various countries. USA, China, Australia, Europe, and South America.  Which is sort  of fun to see where it goes each day. 


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